Claudia's Final Fantasy XII Fran Cosplay: Body

Total Time: 0 days | Total Price: $22.02 | Status: In Progress

How I made this costume:

I started out by focusing on my body by changing my diet, exercising daily, and sleeping properly. Fran is insanely pretty and if I wanted to portray her properly, my body would have to reflect that same shape and healthy complexion. As far as diet is concerned, I switched over to mainly a low-fat raw vegan lifestyle. This diet not only helped me keep my measurements down, it also cleared up my skin completely.

For exercise I do a combination of stretches, strength training, and endurance. Fran stands at 6'2", so I needed all the help I can get in that department. I do a ton of stretching and hanging to help elongate the body. It keeps my muscles looking lean and long. This, along with a little bit of makeup art magic and low camera angles, will give me the illusion of more height. Besides all of the stretches, I toned my legs, core, and arms with a variety of different yoga exercises. Then lastly, I go on a long walk for an hour everyday.

Sleep is just as vital as the diet and exercise. I get my 7-8 hours every night and that insures my production of the human growth hormone, and that I heal properly so that I can keep my skin looking its best. Not only that, but proper rest insures that I'm not stressed and susceptible to weight gain around the core area. Overall this cosplay was a great excuse to stay in excellent shape, because if my measurements vary even slightly, I wouldn't be able to fit into the armor. So it's important that I take good of myself.

Also, I delve deep into the art of special effects makeup. This costume requires a full body application, and that not only took a lot of studying but it also takes a long time to apply (I'll write more about this later when I do my first makeup tests).

Lastly, I studied acting at university and this very much comes into play now when portraying Fran. I prepped for her character the same way any actress would when taking on a role. What are her motivations, and how does she move, stand, and speak? All of these things are replicated precisely, and are a conscious effort on my part. A great example of this is holding the shoulders back to make them look small, slightly keeping the mouth open, keeping strong stances, and perfecting that beautiful viera accent.


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Tape Measure - Superior Tailoring Rule, 150 cm/60 in

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♡ Claudia (AKA Fran)