Claudia's Final Fantasy XII Fran Cosplay: Pre-Planning

Total Time: 10 days | Total Price: $0 | Status: Completed

How I made this costume:

This was the week I set aside to thoroughly study the character and her costume. I gathered over 200 pieces of reference, which included pictures, videos, and links. Spending time in the game was a must as well. Overall I played 230 hours of Final Fantasy XII, and some of that was spent running around as Fran and taking note of the way she looked, moved, and spoke. At this time I took reference photos of myself and my measurements so that I had a good starting point to work off of. Also, I made lifestyle adjustments that would not only benefit my well being, but also put me on the right path to becoming more like the character.

Another thing that I started at this point was to continue learning about the art of makeup, wig making, crafting armor, and sculptural painting because I knew that these would be essential down the line. I also put together a spreadsheet guide of my estimated time, costs, and materials so that I could start saving up money, collecting local store coupons, saving large cardboard storage boxes, and putting time aside to work. I even got to get my special camera for this project to properly photograph and document the process along the way.

Lastly, one thing that I noticed about Fran is that she has three character models: The expensive CG model for pre-rendered cutscenes, the ingame low-poly model, and the ingame cutscene model with a high resolution head replacement for talking. All of these 3D models are inconsistent from each other, so overall I'm going to reference whichever one best suits me and my body. When that's not a factor, I have chosen to make the high-resolution CG model my main source of reference.

Useful Websites:
Fran's Final Fantasy Wiki Page
Makeup Artist Magazine Forums

Final Fantasy XII Collector's Edition
Canon EOS 5D Mark III Camera with a Canon EF 50 mm f/1.2L USM Lens
Cardboard Storage Boxes
Paper & Foam Packing Material

Feel free to leave all comments and questions below.
♡ Claudia (AKA Fran)