Monday, January 1

Happy New Year: The Year of Prosperity and Letting Go

"Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response." - Mildred Barthel

That is so true and I've certainly been happy recently. Perhaps I lost it long ago and have now finally reclaimed it in many ways. I love to watch the world, so in that way I've achieved all of last year's resolutions. I don't have to strive for anything though, because if I say I am, then I am. It is more about focus and belief. I see that. I have for awhile, and because of that Aaron and I are more alone than ever. That's okay: it's peaceful.

Last year was such a beautiful year. Ever since Aaron's been by my side I feel like I can transcend at any moment. Life is. God is. We are all a part of that. Have a happy New Year.... Create yourself, focus on what you would like to explore, and evolve. It can be fun. I promise.

My New Year's Resolutions:

Mind: To know myself. Truly and simply. Goodness, and it has always been that simple. Easy... perhaps not, but I am ready now. That is my focus this year. I wonder who I'll become.

Body: I'm going to love and take care of myself even better. Longer fruit cleanses, healing herbs, more fasting, purified water, warmth, beautiful rest, staying light, joyous play, and lots of self-respect.

Spirit: To act on my greatest joy in every moment to the best of my ability. I feel like I've been doing that a little bit already, and it's life-changing, but I'm excited to focus more on it in the year to come.

Now Aaron would like to share a few words:
Like the previous year, the time hitherto has conferred upon me dizzying altitudes of self-awareness whence comes a keened resolve in my preferences: there has been considerable expansion and significant improvement withal. Thus, from similar metaphysical scenery begins the counting of new adventures upon which to reflect a year hence.

As always, here are some thoughts regarding my direction in the new year:

Mind: Create expressions guided henceforth by excitement, the energy of conscious manifestation.

Body: Fulfill my genetic potential in addition to solidarity in our nutritional lifestyle.

Spirit: Exemplify gratitude for all abundance thus far and thence cultivate prosperous experience.

We wish you well, and may you have a fantastic New Year. 
Good luck to you with your personal resolutions. May this year be the best yet.
♡ Aaron and Claudia