Monday, May 29

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Once again we're off to the high seas for a bit of piratey fun! I'm always so excited about these movies and I've made sure to stay clear of the spoilers before I go, as it provides me with the most sincere experience that I can have without being affected by opinions or plot points. That being said, I unexpectedly went onto YouTube on the morning of the movie release, and an ad for the film was running. I thought nothing of the seemly random explosions and swashbuckling as I browsed, but then out of nowhere they decided to show more than what I was wanting to see! Indeed it was a lesson, and in the future I will be more cautious. Despite that, I was still extremely happy that the day had finally arrived, and it's always so wonderful to have another adventure with our favorite pirates.

Dead Men Tell No Tales was no exception. It was filled with thrilling action and gorgeous CG that's so good that there really isn't anything to nitpick about (most movies these days are like that). The colors were brilliant, and I absolutely adored the turquoise and slate palettes that the artists chose for the promotional artwork as well.

One thing that I did notice about this particular movie was that it seemed a bit darker than the other stories. There was a lot more implied brutality, and even Salazar's rage was quite foreboding. I've admired that, being a Disney franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean has kept it pretty lighthearted up until now, but this movie definitely reminded us about the true nature of those times. It was not an easy life for a pirate. These days I'm not into violence as a form of entertainment, but it's pretty hard to separate the two. Alas, pirates and violence go hand in hand. Perhaps that duality will always exist in our world. Or maybe one day we'll only need that form of expression via a vicarious experience like movies, TV, and games. In the meantime I'll take what I can get, but perhaps in the very near future Aaron and I can just go to the Caribbean and meet our needs directly: awesome clothes, tall ships, freedom, treasure hunting, white sands, and the horizon.

☠ Claudia

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