Monday, January 2

Happy New Year: Letting Go and The Elevated Year

"Becoming lighter is the only way to fly." - Ralph Smart

Time truly passes so fast, especially when having someone beautiful to share it with. Aaron and I have grown so much together. We're stronger and healthier than ever, and it has been an interesting journey. Though challenges are usually responsible for rapid change, I have found that I've been painfully clinging to fear and old habits without much growth. I'm surprised by how hard it is to let go.

Soon, we are going to change our lifestyle, and leave the cage. We've always known that we were meant to spend more time somewhere out there in the world, but it is taking longer than expected. To undo a lifetime of programming has been a slow process for me. My feelings ebb and flow with the days, but in the end I know that I must be the one to make the changes. Freedom is my inspiration.

From the day that we set out from California, we've had this planned; a life of adventure and exploration awaited us. No video game or movie can compare to being free. In dark times, I was not even sure if that was a real possibility for us in this world of ours, but deep down I know that is not true. We have to keep going.

So this year is all about letting go, and becoming light enough to finally fly. Even if it doesn't happen this year, we're damn sure that we're going to make progress. I'm excited, and soon, we'd best be off.

My New Year's Resolutions:

Mind: To find balance, and practice awareness. The truth is what it is, but being able to control my response is always a choice. Unconditional love is also a focus of mine.

Body: I'm excited about movement this year. It's our way of life, and I feel like I have lost that more recently. In with the new experiences, and out with the stagnation!

Spirit: To simply be and observe this universe is an indescribable joy. I need more of that. Stop thinking and talking. Be calm; be still. Meditate and wander instead.

Now Aaron would like to share a few words:
This past year has been exactly the "elevated year" we felt coming to us; it was a year of amplified contrast, where the heights and depths were both further from the center, creating a time of relative extremes. The word "contrast" is one we've adopted from our spiritual teachers; it indicates the difference between what we desire and that which we do not, shining upon us the guidance to know our direction in this life. This past year, we've known such deep darkness and radiant light that we are now absolutely certain about the direction in which we wish to travel together. We both see so clearly through the illusions with which society has surrounded us, that shortly in time will come the day we find our minds crystal, clear, and without wind or whisper of the trappings that still haunt us. Releasing the physical and conceptual addictions we've been steeped in since childhood may take many years escape, but it is a crucial plane on which we prepare ourselves before embarking on the lifestyle that beseeches us both. Claudia and I are stronger than ever before, yet we understand that this is also our new beginning; we've leveled-up, granting our adventure a newfound grandeur… so you'd better hang on then.

As always, here are some thoughts regarding my direction in the new year:

Mind: Find strength. There are still some experiences that continue to beckon me. In turn, each addiction that is released can inspire a greater resolve to relinquishing successive vices until a personal balance is realized.

Body: Embrace fruit. Tremendous was the beginning of this journey, and the rhythm of the Earth continues to accompany the growth and vitality promised in returning to a lifestyle that's harmonious with Mother Nature. Before rebuilding however, cleansing must be sufficient; it's best to have a fresh matrix. Fruit provides for this, and within raw fruit resides the power to energize us efficiently, detoxify us thoroughly, and supply us (in perfect morphology) every molecule vital to our incredible bodies.

Spirit: Continue expanding. There are times when a journey might begin to feel stagnate, or when growth and expansion seem to have ceased. This is but simple misunderstanding; growth and expansion are a constant, and despite the potential for obscurity, that opportunity for spiritual evolution can be found accompanying every chosen moment of the present, be they light or dark alike. Any path taken is simply meant to be, even one resulting in a greatly delayed realization. The most effective way to discover expansion is by residing in the receptive state of being called tranquility, which is a direct result of integrating the emotion of gratitude into everyday life. This mode is feminine in nature and brings balance to the masculine; self-awareness and a return to the innate human consciousness can only happen when there is inner harmony.

We wish you well, and may you have a fantastic New Year. 
Good luck to you with your personal resolutions. May this year be the best yet.
♡ Aaron and Claudia