Monday, April 25


"Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world,
and in here is the dream." - Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Avatar

When the decision comes to change one's own life, the inspiration can come in many different forms: cinema, literature, video games, and personal experiences. Consuming content in various forms allows us to share in the adventures of others, be they fictional or of this reality. However, Claudia and I have been shifting our time toward living our own adventure, so the consumption of media has become more intentional than ever before. As a result, the impact of each of those messages has been more powerful for us.

James Cameron's Avatar is one of such cinematic experiences. Our spiritual brother Ralph Smart includes it in his list of recommended movies to change one's life, and we enthusiastically concur. Personally, when I first saw this film, my life hadn't yet begun to change very much. My feelings were already strong regarding the mistreatment of other peoples and the destruction of the environment (especially by those who are motivated by greed), but my current wisdom regarding proper health had to wait years before first meeting Claudia in order to reach its infancy.

"The Na'vi say, that every person is born twice. The second time, is when you earn
your place among the people... forever." - Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Avatar

Indeed, Avatar did speak to me in that time, but like most other members of the audience, one of the biggest factors that attracted me to the film was the incredibly high-budget visuals the movie brought to cinema. The relevance of every frame and spoken word had to wait for me to fully understand. So in that way, there feels to be a place that I am earning among what is a true sense of humanity: A complete connection to all that is the splendor of Nature. Jake Sully's transformation was an existential journey via a surrogate body bound to another vibrant, unspoiled world. While compelling and entertaining, its fortunate that such harrowing adventures are unnecessary for us to essentially be born twice and reach the same levels of consciousness. Since we are all inherently connected to Earth and the rest of the Cosmos, we are each given the opportunity to begin at a perfect, harmonious point in this physical reality, ascending every moment until the time we transition, via the lessons we create for ourselves.

"See the world we come from... There's no green there...
They killed their mother... And they're gonna do the same here."
- Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Avatar

Wielding a double-edged sword known as "intellect", humanity has strayed from natural perfection; instead, forcing itself forward in competition with Nature, and arrogantly bestowing upon itself delusional titles of grandeur along the way. Continuing on this path demonstrates the depth of wisdom lost, and exhibits to this are readily apparent across the planet. Powerful tools exist that can realize immense potential. However, those devices are suppressed while more wasteful machines are perpetuated in the brazen pursuit of simply gaining more power, primarily through the wanton consumption and destruction of Earth's resources. This virulent behavior is beneath us, so humanity must decide if it wants to thrive, or face a dismal fate similar to what Avatar illustrates.

"We have tried to teach other Sky People... It is hard to fill a cup which is already full."
"Learn well, Jakesully, then we will see if your insanity can be cured."
- Mo'at (CCH Pounder), Avatar

It's incredible to see how distant humanity views itself from Nature, how humanity intentionally distances itself from Her, and how this cycle perpetuates itself. However, a reawakening in spirit is neigh. Awareness is on the rise. Information is readily available. Many who know that improvements must occur (if the species is to follow its admirable potential) are providing avenues and inspiring others to make their own contributions to this rekindling. Jake Sully is a singular metaphor for everyone sharing in this ascension. In a redirection of the aforementioned cycle: Acknowledging and embracing that Nature is integral to our very being guarantees the advancement and peace desired by all at our innermost levels. Once under way, returning to this renaissance will sustain both itself and our species indefinitely.

Once again, Avatar is a treasured film for Claudia and myself, and each of our individual feelings of adoration were renewed after seeing it together. We hold great anticipation for the future of the people on this incredible gem called Earth, but we live in the present, doing all we can now to be that admirable potential we wish to see. The ascension must begin within every individual, so let this be an invitation for all to pass through "the eye of Gaea" and return.

Happy movie watching!
- Aaron -

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