Friday, January 8

Inspiration for Women: Empowerment for All

Wow! Markus and Cara just posted this video a few days ago, and I was so inspired that I had to share it. The New Year is just starting, so what better time for a message like this. Everyone can take something from it.

Serious Inspiration for Middle Aged Women

Cheers and here's to happy, healthy living.

Monday, January 4

The Best Way to Contact Me... Update

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Friday, January 1

Happy New Year: The Elevated Year and the New Leaf

I can't even begin to describe how much I've grown and changed this year. Sometimes, it's hard for me to believe, but it all makes sense after all. Last year, Aaron came into my world and showed me what it means to truly live. He's my other half, and the numbness that I once felt is gone. I've begun, to eat mostly raw food now as well, making this my healthiest physical year yet. No, I wasn't able to do the splits, but that's alright. It was more of an egotistical goal anyway. Again, that's okay, I've learned and changed.

One thing I did very well with was my sarcasm. I consider it to be remedied, and I rarely am in need of it any longer. I was able to find my balance with work and play as well. It was actually quite easy. I intend to take it further though, and I now understand what life is about. I have found my calling, and my path. I'm excited, and we'll take you along as well.

Once again, I didn't touch my Fran cosplay, but I did finish a lot of projects and tasks that I wanted to. I'm truly happy with that. External creativity has challenged me recently, because I see through it. I used to think that it was essential, but I'm not so sure anymore. It is fun sometimes, and I believe that I have to balance this more so. Being that I "create" for a "living", it might be challenging to separate the two. Again, equilibrium must be found, so that I can know peace. I'm weary, and things must change.

I'm so very excited about the goodness that this year will bring. I will let it be what it will, but I know that I will grow. 'The Elevated Year' is what I'm naming it, because I know for certain that it's the only way to go.

My New Year's Resolutions:

Mind: To simply stop thinking so much. It's been an issue for me recently, and a quiet mind is something that I long for now. To achieve this without longing is, of course, ideal.

Body: I'm going to focus on my lymph system this year. I know that this will help me improve immensely, and I'm eager to keep going. I'm ready. More raw food and awareness is key.

Spirit: I want to experience life to the fullest and all that it is. To live in the present moment, to let go, and to express gratitude is what it means to be alive!

Now Aaron would like to share a few words:
Indeed! Let us make 2016 the "The Elevated Year". This past year's journey has brought fulfillment in many regards; most important of which has been the timeless love I share with my glorious navigator Claudia, and our continued awakening of mind, body, and spirit.

So, I'd like to list a few things that I've decided on for my New Year's Resolutions:

Mind: Be guided by love. It can take many forms, but all negativity in this world is fundamentally rooted in fear. Therefore, in order to overcome all obstacles, be they physical, mental, or spiritual, one must choose and resolve to let go of fear and embrace the source of all positivity: Love.

Body: Take in only vitality. Humans are frugivores, so if one is to achieve true vitality, one must consume that vitality in order to be fueled properly. Returning to our natural diet enables the body to function at its full genetic potential, and is when one begins to experience real healing and awakening.

Spirit: Reside in tranquility. When one is with inner peace, so to will there be peaceful understanding of all that one experiences. It is essential that mind and body be in harmony with spirit, because we are more than merely evolved primates, but that potential lights a path that we must choose to walk together.

We wish you well, and may you have a fantastic New Year. 
Good luck to you with your personal resolutions. May this year be the best yet.
♡ Aaron and Claudia

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