Friday, May 20


Aaron and I have been catching up on a few movies recently, and this was one of them. I saw a trailer for it back when it came out, and it looked interesting enough, but I never got around to it until now. It's not my type of movie, because of the violence, but there was something that intrigued me after all this time.

Recently, I've been quite puzzled by the Universe, so I thought that this movie might help with that. I've always been interested in human potentiality, and even though the '10% of the brain myth' was the premise for this film, it was neat to ponder about such abilities. We humans actually do use 100% of our brain, and it's been misquoted and misinterpreted for years.

Despite this, I was still drawn to the story and the character. To see a vulnerable person achieve so much was satisfying, but alas, Lucy could not answer those more important questions. After all, it was just a fun action movie. However, I continue to dream of real potential for possibilities.

Recently, I've been meditating a lot, and it's profound. I don't have words for my experience, and I've genuinely been a bit confused about life. Like Qigong masters that can heal the body with their emotions, catch bullets, and set things ablaze, I've been questioning our capabilities. Our current knowledge is so very limited. That's why Lucy looked helpful to me. Not that I'm a master by any means, but I've been able to pull back from the world to see it with a clarity that I hadn't before: The oneness of everything is now apparent.

Happy movie watching.

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