Wednesday, March 16

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

We only now stumbled across this film, and wanted to pass it along. Share it with your friends and family. Take from it what you will, and we're confident that it will make for an intriguing conversation.

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

The Website:

Happy movie watching!
♡ Aaron and Claudia


  1. Hi guys! Long time no see! As a scientist I felt I had to chime in when I saw this post about the film, Thrive. Needless to say, it certainly does make for an intriguing conversation, just not one about truth. It's very entertaining however. :P

    This film is a great case-study of the minds of those that tend towards conspiratorial thought, let me put it this way. I should know -- I ran a counter-culture radio show that covered this film, among hundreds of other "documentaries", for about three years. Many were accurate and scientifically plausible. Most were... lacking.

    Any specific points that I might try to make are better styled and better explained in the excellent book, "The Paranoid Style in American Politics", written by Richard Hofstadter in the late 1950s (relevant chapters can be found online), as well as the website Recommend both highly. I had a great friend back in Missoula that was lost to the tidepools of conspiracy, from which one rarely escapes, which is what brought me to comment here as a sort of warning! As our mutual friend Kevin James once uttered, "it can happen to YOU." :)

    I hope everything is all right with you guys! Orin says hi to his Uncle Aaron. I hope to get him some of his first Legos soon.


    1. Wow! Thank you so much, Zarvoc (hee hee, I'm going to have to get use to that name). I really enjoyed watching the crop circle video on the blog. That's awesome! :D

      Is this the essay:

      We most certainly will give it a read.

      Aww, yes, I loved LEGOs too. Especially the pirate sets! I do hope that they find a healthier alternative though to plastic. You might like this article:

      Wooden blocks are always great too. This company has some fun toys:

      We love you. Be well!
      <3 Claudia

  2. Sorry I didn't see this until now!

    Yup, that's the essay. Looks like you've got the relevant chapter in that link. Great stuff. One small example: It's pretty compelling that the "Illuminati" -- really a catch-all phrase for shadowy power-hungry global elites in many peoples' minds -- has in fact been a catch-phrase in the US's collective mind since the American revolution! Crazy.

    Yeah, I was a big fan of the pirate sets as well. I had the one with the red sails and my brother had the (smaller) one with the blue sails. I do kinda miss the old non-branded Legos, back in the days of pirates and space-farers and such. Seems like it's all Hobbit and Star Wars stuff these days. I love that link and that Lego is thinking forward! For some reason thinking about Legos reminds me of this:

    Lastly thanks for the link re: wooden toys! Orin's got a few wooden toys already, but we could use a few more as he becomes more mobile. One thing's for sure, we are not letting him have any electronics. Eventually, when the time is right, I'll have to show him some videogames :)

    Have you heard of the pending game No Man's Sky? Seems like something that could be quite magical and unique.

    Catch ya later! Peace out,

    <3 Z

    1. No worries at all. :) Thank you again.

      Oh, wow! Those were the best. I had the Forbidden Island set. I loved it so much. It was my home away from home!

      Haha! Wow, that's some article, and a lot of LEGOs.
      Sure thing about the toys. I hear you about the videogames. They were an integral part of my experience as well.

      No, I hadn't heard of No Man's Sky until now. Aaron would be all over that.

      <3 Claudia


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