Wednesday, December 28

Humans Are Frugivores

A very basic anatomical comparison, that of which does not cover all organisms.

I didn't even know what a frugivore was until a few years ago. Seriously, I had never heard of such a thing. In my school, I believe that it was suppressed. In biology we learned about carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores, but never was there any mention of the term frugivore. Even as I type this article, my spell checker is marking the word (frugivore) in red because it doesn't recognize it.

Frugivore: Zoology / Any chiefly fruit-eating organism, as certain primates, birds, fish, and bats.

Research by anthropologists show that the anatomy of our ancestors, similar to that of our closest primate cousins, is in fact designed to primarily consume fruit. There are no findings that suggest otherwise.

"By careful examination of fossil teeth and fossilized human remains with electron microscopes and other sophisticated tools, Dr. Walker and his colleagues are absolutely certain that early humans until relatively recently, were total fruitarians."  - Science Verifies That Humans' Ancestors Were Frugivores

"Preliminary studies of fossil teeth have led to the startling suggestion that our early human ancestors (Australopithecus) were not predominantly meat-eaters or even eaters of seeds, shoots, leaves or grasses, nor were they omnivorous. Instead they appear to have subsisted chiefly on a diet of fruit. Every tooth examined from the hominids of the 12 million year period leading up to Homo Erectus appeared to be that of a fruit-eater." - Dr. Alan Walker, Anthropologist of John Hopkins University in Maryland - May 15, 1979 - New York Times.
"The natural food of man, judging from his structure, appears to consist principally of the fruits, roots, and other succulent parts of vegetables. His hands afford every facility for gathering them; his short but moderately strong jaws on the other hand, and his canines being equal only in length to the other teeth, together with his tuberculated molars on the other, would scarcely permit him either to masticate herbage, or to devour flesh, were these condiments
not previously prepared by cooking." - Georges Cuvier

Now then, why is this so very important? Because the 'food' that we are choosing to eat is killing us. It has degraded the human organism so badly, that children are now plagued with the same diseases that aging adults had decades ago. Processed, genetically-modified foods laden with chemical pesticides and packaged in hormone-disrupting plastics or disease-causing metals have accelerated this issue to the point that some people cannot even have babies if they tried. It is nature's way of saying that we have gone too far. People are sicker and dying younger, but they think it's only because it runs in the family.

Eat more fruit to detoxify the body naturally, with the exception of nightshades which are
generally not recommended. Also, keep high-fat and non-sweet fruits to a minimum.

So what do we do? We must change our diets if we want health and longevity. It truly is that simple. Eat more fruit. We are such a young species, and we have not evolved into omnivores. Modern humans have only been around for 200,000 years, civilization is only about 6,000 years old, and industrialization started in the 1800's. This short period of aberrant eating will not have changed our dietary requirements for optimal health. If we had in fact evolved, our anatomy would be quite different than it is today.

Biologically Appropriate Human Food Test:
Sight: Does the food stand out and draw the eye?
Smell: Does the food have a pleasant odor?
Taste: Is the food sweet, a little sour, or pleasant when it is raw?
Children: Does an infant or child eat it without coercion?
Ease: Is it easy to pick and easy to chew?
Desire: Do you want to eat it?

Judging from anatomy and genetics, take a look at our closest Hominidae relative: Chimpanzees. Did you know that almost half of their diet is figs? Then, of course, fruits like bananas, mangoes, melons, and apples make up the majority of the rest. They also eat a small amount of nuts, seeds, leaves, blossoms, medicinal herbs, honey, and palm wine. Lastly, when fruit is not available they'll eat raw meat, eggs, and insects (this makes up about 10% of their diet), and they'll only do so because they want to, not because it's best.

Dr. Robert Morse and Hilde Larsen explain why eating fruit is so important:

Imagine what life would be like without so much discomfort and pain. If you're interested in change, start eating more fruit today. It makes a huge difference. Trust me, like others out there, I know how it feels to eat this way. I've been on high fruit for a while now, and my life is better because of it.

Be well,

Monday, December 19

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

It was initially a surprise when I first heard there was to be an inter-episode Star Wars installment this year, but opening weekend has arrived and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has debuted. This chapter depicts the characters and events that directly precede those in Episode IV: A New Hope. There were some references to connecting events, and via the utilization of ever-improving computer generated imagery and compositing, there were even cameos by a few characters whose actors are no longer able to reprise their roles for one reason or another. Clearly, immense efforts were given by everyone involved in the production of this film, and those efforts are greatly appreciated. Visually, Rogue One fits exactly where its story does; vehicle and prop designs were more industrial and functional, akin to the original films, but there was still a wealth of imagination in everything from the massive starships to a simple communicator. Sound effects were equally appropriate, iconic, and were presented with such power as to be felt instead of simply heard. The worlds and their environments were beautiful and seamless. Diversity of life was everything one might expect in this galaxy far, far away; there were creatures and suggested cultures that were familiar, and some completely new. Indeed, the Star Wars universe keeps expanding. The characters in Rogue One were portrayed by the cast with expertise, and their stories were compelling. Humor was a welcomed virtue. The art of practical effects was very much alive and well before the camera; grit, sweat, slime, and animatronics were a few of the ways the details of this adventure gave it life.

Within all of this, and just as was apparent in Episode VII: The Force Awakens, cinema has been pushed to a level that stretches the simple vicarious experience and brings the terrible moments of war a little closer to each attendee. There is a consequence to the inundation of all media that depicts violence. What I've observed throughout my life is that many have become grossly desensitized to such content; they've come to find it pleasurable, or even desirable. It is by this dark side of the truth that most any meaningful messages within the entire saga are lost; philosophy and spirituality have all but succumbed to spectacle. Unfortunately, this behavior is far from being a new trend, as it's been known in human civilization since ancient times.

Orson Krennic: "...We were this close to providing peace... security for the galaxy."
Galen Erso: "You're confusing peace with terror."
Orson Krennic: "Well... You have to start somewhere."
- Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) and Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars has always had an overt theme of fighting to reclaim freedom, yet war can be completely avoided on the path to restoring balance, and therefore, peace. Films like these echo what is happening in the real world, and to what escalating ends the self-appointed elites are willing to explore in order to preserve their illusory authority. One needs not be Force-sensitive to discover the truth.

If we choose to partake in these types of cinematic experiences, we must focus on the positive messages they might offer. Great changes must be made by our species to achieve peace and freedom both, and those changes are synonymous with a path of simplicity and mutual growth; it's a path worth walking. Claudia and I share such a path, and we've known wondrous expansion throughout our journey.

This was certainly a different sort of chapter; the narrative focused far more on the fight than on philosophy, or the fabric of the universe and how me might interact with it. Therefore, as one who's grown up with Star Wars and has continued to find deeper meanings within it over the years, I've found Rogue One to be a valuable experience, but from a certain point of view. The sights and the sounds were of great magnitude, but we should repel the urge to be swept away.

Happy movie watching.

Friday, November 4

Freedom Is a Choice

"If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it." - Mark Twain

Freedom is a mindset and a choice. That can never be taken away, only given. Most are unaware or afraid of that responsibility, and don't really want it. It's easier to be told what to do and think.


Wednesday, November 2

How to Patch a Shoe Sole with Worbla

One of my Vibrams had a hole in it, and I didn't want to throw them away just yet. I also didn't want to go out and buy something new, like Shoe Goo, so I had the bright idea of trying to patch it up with some Worbla that I had left over from my cosplay armor making.

For those of you that don't know, Worbla is a thermoplastic that can be molded into any shape. It also adheres to almost everything, so I thought that I could melt some over the hole in my shoe and continue to get some more use out my Vibrams. Let's give it a go, shall we!

~~Materials Needed~~
X-Acto Knife
Bone Folder
Hair Dryer

Start by cutting out a small piece of Worbla with the scissors,
roughly the size of the large gap on the side of the hole.

Use the hair dryer to melt the Worbla, and fit it into the large hole with the X-Acto knife. This small
piece will help fill the gap between the two layers and give the patch something to adhere to better.

Repeat this process by cutting out a small piece of Worbla with the scissors,
roughly the size of the small gap on the other side of the hole.

Use the hair dryer to melt the Worbla, and fit it into the small hole with the X-Acto knife. Like before, this piece will help fill the gap between the two layers and give the patch something to adhere to.

Cut out a piece of Worbla with the scissors that is large enough to cover the entire hole.

Place the patch over the hole and use the hair dryer to melt the Worbla.

Gently press, and shape, the Worbla into the sole of the shoe.

While it's still hot, put on the shoe and use your foot to press the Worbla firmly into the sole.

Lastly, use the bone folder to carefully press the edges of the Worbla into the sole.

Now isn't that beautiful! It's a lot better than throwing away good shoes. I know that it's not the most attractive solution, but I couldn't care less because it's holding up. If the patch does loosen up, it's easy to use the hair dryer to melt it back into place again. Ideally, this would have worked better on plastic or leather soles, because it doesn't stick too well to the rubber. Still, I'm pretty happy with the result.


Monday, October 17

DIY Beauty: Easy Tweezing

Make plucking stray hairs effortless with this awesome tip: Do it right after you get done showering. Not only does the heat and steam from the warm water open up pores, it makes tweezing easier because it's less painful to pluck out hairs when the skin is moist. When doing this, make sure to pull the hairs out in the same direction of their growth. This will ensure that they come out cleanly. So have at it!

Cheers and here's to happy, healthy living.

Monday, October 10

The True Cost Documentary

"Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself." - Leo Tolstoy

Sometimes, it hurts so bad to watch these films, because I know that I am the one to blame. Yes, corporations prey on insecurities, but I am the one consuming their goods and services. It's that simple. This documentary about the fashion industry is so painful to watch, because I know that we're all a part of this.

I've tried to stop. I'm working on one addiction at a time, and now it's time to tackle fashion. We're told that we are what we wear, and that our clothing tells our story. It wasn't always like that, but now it's a learned behavior. We consume things to feel better, and deep down that's what it's all about.

Many spiritual teachers will express that feeling good truly comes from within, and that the only way to change is by altering our beliefs and habits. So that's what I'm doing; I'm changing. I've been a minimalist for quite some time now, but it's time to do a lot better. Watching this film has opened my eyes, and I do not see things the same way anymore.

It's very sad, and this is real. Our planet is being destroyed, and we're losing our humanity. For what: A false sense of self and monetary gain? So I invite you to watch this movie as well, spread the word, and perhaps together we can make a difference.

Here's what I'm working on:

1. Be happy with less. Most of my favorite characters just have one or two signature outfits. Captain Jack Sparrow is the perfect example of this: He wouldn't be the same without his costume. I'm inspired by them, and want a minimalist wardrobe with a few favorite options. How exciting!

2. Treasure vintage pieces. I've inherited many lovely garments from my mother and even my grandmothers. Not only are these items made exceptionally well, they're also extremely chic. I'm grateful for them, and it makes being eco friendly effortless. 

3. Shop thrift. This is a brilliant way to refresh one's wardrobe, or replace worn out clothing all while reducing consumption of new resources. Besides, I have so many fond memories of thrifting with family. It's so much fun to make a day of it when needed.

4. Buy natural, organic, fair trade, or recycled items. I'm trying to only buy goods that are sustainable and natural. Not only is this better for the planet, but it's a healthier option for everyone involved.

5. Go naked. These days I spend a lot of time wearing as little as possible when I'm alone. This works out great because my skin gets to breathe, and it also prevents clothing from being worn out. Why wear much at all if no one is around? Right!

Watch the trailer here:
Happy movie watching.

Friday, September 23

Clear Conscience Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution Review

 Clear Conscience Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution - $11.99

I've been using this contact solution for about a year now, and I absolutely love it. It took me this long to write about it, because I wanted to make sure that I thoroughly tested it out before I shared my thoughts. That being said, it definitely passed with flying colors and I'll keep purchasing it from here on out.

The main reason that I switched over to this brand is because they do not test on animals. That is a big deal for me, and I'm really trying to change my ways and only buy cruelty-free brands.

It's a little expensive for solution, but as always with natural products that do things right, I'm willing to pay the extra. It means the world to me that companies are trying to do better, so of course those are the people that I love to support.

After doing more research about the brand, I found that most contact solution is made with terrible chemicals, like thimerosal (contains mercury) and chlorhexidine (raises ones risk of heart attacks), and on top of that they're irradiated. So let's put it in our eyes! Seriously, I don't know how these people can sleep at night. Clear Conscience doesn't do that, so it's a much better option for you, the animals, and the planet.

However, I am trying to heal my eyes, so cutting out products in general is the most eco-friendly, natural thing to do in the first place. A lot of raw foodists have found that their eyesight has improved or healed completely, and it's actually quite a common thing. So in the future, I might not even need to wear contacts as much as I do now. I still like to have fun with different colors, so in the meantime while I have a prescription, this is my new go-to product. It's really worth switching over.

Love Claudia  xx

Wednesday, September 21

The Last Unicorn

"I know you. If I were blind I'd know what you are."
- Schmendrick (Alan Arkin), The Last Unicorn

At last... After a few opportunities throughout my life, I have finally come to know and fully appreciate The Last Unicorn. Years ago, I discovered that unicorns are indeed real, and since then, Life has been elevated in ways I had only yet dreamt of, and to heights that continue to surpass all I could hope to imagine. Only after being bestowen such fortune would come the realization of why those opportunities had passed me by; this experience was meant to be with Claudia. I have always desired to share in this tale with my Truelove since she first told me that it has the most significant of meanings for her, and as the Universe tends to align for us, the perfect time for our celebration came on her birthday this year.

This film is beautiful and enchanting. An ambassador for the time in which it was created, The Last Unicorn has a "true magic" that is rarely conveyed within the technical prowess of recent cinema. The art direction was rich, and the vivid use of color was one of the movie's strongest virtues. Music and voice performances were wonderful, featuring some well-known talent.

Unicorn: "I'm looking for others like me. Have you seen them, Magician?"
Schmendrick: "No, I've never seen anyone like you. Not while I was awake, anyway."
- Unicorn (Mia Farrow) and Schmendrick (Alan Arkin), The Last Unicorn

The story is one of longing curiosity that leads to self-discovery, for it is through our every adventure (both great and small) that we come to know ourselves more completely. Claudia and I have been most fortunate and blessed to have each other as part of this grand journey; our paths entwined the day we met, and we've known unfathomable growth since that glowing beginning.

Occasionally, who we are can be forgotten; our path changes us in ways that are unpredictable, and we transform into something new before it may become apparent. An entire lifetime or years may be required for certain changes, whereas others will literally occur overnight or in the blink of an eye. The only way is through, and if every turn, mountain, bridge, or bluff can be appreciated as a learning experience, then we are all free to expand; new heights await us in this timeless spiral of Life.

Happy movie watching.
- Aaron -

Monday, September 19

Pirate Day

"Pirate Day"

Aye! Oy loove ye as well, me darrrlin'.
Ye be the fairest winds that 'er filled me sails, and y' do, m'loove.
Without ye, Oy'd be lost at sea; adrift, 'til ol' Davey come fer me.
Y'be me only mate, Claudia. The sea be arrrs fer the takin'.

Tharrr be no room in me harrrt fer riches; only yer loove.
- Aaron -

Monday, September 12

Another Year

"Another Year"

On this day, I celebrate another year of growth for you, my one and only beloved, Claudia Sutton.
It is throughout the Ages of this Cosmos that I have waited to reunite my soul again,
And thanks to you, my other half, I have found the true meaning of Light, Love, and Life.
The illumination you have granted me is infinitely brighter than any material gift I could ever give.
Meaningful gifts will come, but only one gift could duly honor all that you are:

I, Aaron Rhyne Hendren, do freely give to you, Claudia Michelle Sutton,
all that I am; my mind, heart, body, and spirit.
I give myself to you wholly, and do reserve every nuance of my being to you alone.
I promise to give you my very best, and through every challenge, great and small,
I promise to share with you the same Light, Love, and Life that you have bestowed upon me.

You are everything to me, and so I shall give you everything I am in return.

I love you, Claudia Sutton.

Happy Birthday!
- Aaron -

Monday, August 8


This is a collaboration between myself and Alyshells, who provided the linework for this painting. Inspired by ancient summers, I went with something very primitive for the colors. Perhaps it’s a lost medallion from an era long forgotten. Painted in Photoshop in 8 hours.

"Tropicana" - Painting Steps
Level: Beginner

Content, editing, and compositing by Claudia Sutton.
Music composed by Alvin Muolic.

Thursday, July 28

Adventures in the Real World: Go Anywhere, Stay Anywhere

Aaron and I have been trying this out during the summer, and it's been so much fun. We cleaned out our trunk, put some blankets down, and went at it. It's time to see the world... It's calling to us.

I Live in My Car | Travel in Any Vehicle

Cheers and here's to happy, healthy living.

Friday, July 22

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Now off we go.

This game means the world to me, and I was so very excited to finally share it with my Truelove. For you see, it's one of the only games that I own a physical copy of (I usually trade them in, borrow them, or have digital copies), and it's traveled around with me ever since it was released back in the winter of 2004. When this game came out, I was completely drawn to it, because everything about it resonated with me. Traveling via caravan to see the world was something that captivates to this day. I long to be out in the world, to experience life, and to share it with my partner. This beautiful, vicarious experience helped me find myself. I knew that I was meant to have an adventurous life: Just me and my soulmate by my side.

The funny thing was that nobody that I knew back then had time to play with me when the game came out. I longed for it so badly that I invited many people to come and play. They made characters, had a bit of fun, but then lost interest or had to move on to other things. I ended up finishing the game all by myself, and buried the memories deep inside because they felt so incomplete. It was like the Universe was pointing me in the right direction, but the time wasn't right because I had yet to meet Aaron.

The years past, and I lost hope in such things. Love and adventures were not meant for me. They were only things of stories. Still, I kept the game, and held on to the dream.

When Aaron and I met years after, I knew it was time: Time to dust off those dreams, and start living. Even our first experience together was just like caravaning! We traveled across America in a huge Penske truck, and at that moment we knew that we were home as long as we were together out in the world somewhere.

We're currently enjoying a traditional life as we prepare for our future of adventures out in the wild world. So in the meantime, while we're getting ready, we had to play Crystal Chronicles.

What's even more surreal is that Aaron had the same experience as I. He was called to the game, but nobody would play, and eventually he moved on. It couldn't have been more perfect for us, and in honor of nostalgia, we started playing in February of this year just like before when the game came out oh so long ago. We spent 63 hours playing, just finished it up this week, and of course we both picked Selkies.

My message to you is this: Even though this is just a video game, it called to us, helped reveal our true selves, and provided a blueprint for an alternative lifestyle. Listen to your inner pilot light, and be who you authentically are. Perhaps Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles isn't that for you, but it's a hell of a great RPG, with beautiful visuals and music that withstand the test of time. Get some people together, and have at it!

So here are my thoughts about the game:


- This game was good fun to play with others, and the awesome game play, levels, and rewards provided hours of exciting moments. Aaron and I chose to balance our team with our play styles, so he was the black mage and I was the white mage. Also, I took the majority of the strength artifacts, and he took the defense and magic ones. It worked out pretty good, and it was fun to stick with the roles.

- It's been over a decade since I'd played this game, so my memories surprised me. Some things were vividly etched into my mind, but most of the game was like new (it's ironic that the game was about memories). That's okay though, because this playthrough was way more important to me this time around.

- We played it on the Wii, and it worked out great. The Game Boy Advances worked fine, it ran smoothly, and it looked really nice. I couldn't have been happier.

- I absolutely loved the little stories, narration, and written script of the location names at the beginning of each level. It helped set the tone, and provided a wonderfully old-world feel to the game.

- It was fun to try to figure out the names of the areas on the map. Aaron was the one that first noticed that it was a cipher, and we did figure out most of them by the end.

- The music in this game was by far one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. The ancient instruments were so alluring, and they're one of the main reasons that this world seemed so alive.

- Collecting magicite for spells in the levels was exciting, because one never knew which ones might be found. It made for some pretty compelling, and at times, experimental casting. Even the colors of the orbs themselves seemed non-traditional, which was a nice change of pace.

- Carrying the chalice around for protection was a clever way to keep the team together. Its ever-changing ring of light (the color depended on the element being used) provided the realm with even more beauty, and I loved being the one that kept it safe. Over time it became my duty to hold it, and Aaron collected the treasures that were found along the way.

- This time around we found all of the Mog Stamps, and played each level of the mini game. It was a fun way to stretch out the content a bit.

- The Moogles in this game were the cutest ever, because they're just little floppy fuzz balls! They're my favorite design for sure from any Final Fantasy game.

- Speaking of cuteness, the cows were so ridiculously adorable that it's not possible to hold back a smile when they're on screen. We called them bearded moo-pigs. Yes, that's right, because the name says it all!

- Amidatty was a delightful character, and we truly appreciated the deeper meaning to the bannock metaphor: Contemplating the world around us is always a good thing.

-  Finding the little Easter eggs throughout the game was quite fun, because there was no hand holding at all. It actually felt a little old school, like real exploration, and it was neat to figure out parts of the story on our own.

- At the end of the game we got all of our questions right! I was surprised by that too, because some of them were really hard to remember. Hurray for having a good memory!


- It does seem that a lot of video games these days are about murdering everything that moves, and it would have been nice to not kill the monsters. The story definitely allows for other creative alternatives. Perhaps instead of killing them, players could have purified them from the miasma.

- Red Vines. Yup, Red Vines... When I played this game before, I ate a ton of Red Vines, like by the bucket full. Alas, I was unable to help myself once again, and somehow they found their way into the house. Not to worry though, we fasted and detoxed on raw food afterward, so all is well in the world again.

- I really wish that we could have gone into more interiors. It would have been so cool, and helped to immerse the player into the world a bit more.

- Inventory sorting was not an option in this game, which was annoying at times. It is somewhat automated, and it took a bit to get used to.

- One could not drop weapons to share with others, which was quite unfortunate because we could have traded things. Selling equipment for gil was not an option either. They had to be destroyed.

- Equipment stats weren't visible in the inventory menus, so one could only view them while crafting or if the item was equipped. It was a little thing, but it would have been nice to have.

-  I wish that there were more levels! It is such a fun game that I wanted more content, and even though we didn't get all of the artifacts we really did milk it for more time.

Wow. I'm so happy that I've finally had my Crystal Chronicles experience. I had been waiting for so long. Again, it's a brilliant game, and I highly recommend it. It's one of my all-time favorites.

Happy gaming,

Wednesday, July 20

ARRR! There Be Pirate Penguins About!

'Tis swashbuckling season.

Perhaps some of you remember these fine fellows. I didn't create this brilliant masterpiece of classic art, but simply wish to spread zee good cheer. They always make me feel like escapin' to the Caribbean around this time of year. There will be rum for all of course, so what are ye waiting for, let's set sail!

☠ Poppet Claudia

Friday, July 15

Only Lover's Detroit

Adam: "And this is the famous Michigan Theater. They built it
back in the 1920's. A huge sum of money. It's built, ironically, on
the exact same site as Henry Ford made his very first prototype.
They used to be able to seat over 4,000 people in here."
Eve: "It's fantastic. For what? For concerts?"
Adam: "Concerts and as a movie house. Can you imagine?
Mirrors used to reflect the chandeliers. And now, a car park...."
- Adam (Tom Hiddleston) and Eve (Tilda Swinton), Only Lovers Left Alive

 Photos by Carin Sutton. Photo editing by me.
Aaron and I spontaneously decided to venture around Detroit with my younger sister Carin, because we wanted to see sights from one of our favorite films: Only Lovers Left Alive. Being that the film was only shot four years ago, the city hadn't changed much, and it meant the world to us to see these locations for ourselves before they were lost to time.

It was magical, and we had no idea that Carin had snapped a few pictures on her phone when we were in the Michigan Building car park. We just wanted to be there, to breathe in these places. Words cannot describe it. We also went to see the Fox Theatre, and Adam's old mansion on Alfred Street.

How lovely.

Thursday, June 9

Observations: Intellectualism

Where humanity has trodden deepest with its instruments and rules, and where intellectualism has taken the strongest of footholds; arrogant authority is the proudest banner, the loudest anthem, and the most delusional of uniforms.

The illusion is brittle, resembling a cobweb and possessing minimal structural integrity. The interdependency of each junction enables one revelation to seed the successive disclosure of the entire self-perpetuating lattice.

The laws of Nature lead all without bias; the laws of society serve their authors without relent. Changing the game comes only to those who are willing to transcend the rules. The eyes have been blinded, but the Eye will bring understanding.
- Aaron -

Monday, June 6


This entire website, and all our personal artwork are uncopyrighted. This means that it’s public domain, and that we released our copyright on all these works. Please feel free to use our content as you see fit. There is no need to ask us for permission. Email it, reference it, share it, print it, celebrate it, etc. Credit is always appreciated, but not required.

We’ve never been fans of copyright laws, because it hinders humanity’s growth. Everything is a remix, and we create with that in mind. Every thought or concept is a derivative of a past creation, and we only wish to express ourselves openly. Giving is more valuable to us, and we’ve been blessed in return.

If you like our work, or feel like you would like to give back freely, we have a donation link if you feel so inclined. We like yummy natural food and traveling to meet the people that fill our lives with so much beauty.

Thank you, and we love you.
♡ Aaron and Claudia

Friday, May 20


Aaron and I have been catching up on a few movies recently, and this was one of them. I saw a trailer for it back when it came out, and it looked interesting enough, but I never got around to it until now. It's not my type of movie, because of the violence, but there was something that intrigued me after all this time.

Recently, I've been quite puzzled by the Universe, so I thought that this movie might help with that. I've always been interested in human potentiality, and even though the '10% of the brain myth' was the premise for this film, it was neat to ponder about such abilities. We humans actually do use 100% of our brain, and it's been misquoted and misinterpreted for years.

Despite this, I was still drawn to the story and the character. To see a vulnerable person achieve so much was satisfying, but alas, Lucy could not answer those more important questions. After all, it was just a fun action movie. However, I continue to dream of real potential for possibilities.

Recently, I've been meditating a lot, and it's profound. I don't have words for my experience, and I've genuinely been a bit confused about life. Like Qigong masters that can heal the body with their emotions, catch bullets, and set things ablaze, I've been questioning our capabilities. Our current knowledge is so very limited. That's why Lucy looked helpful to me. Not that I'm a master by any means, but I've been able to pull back from the world to see it with a clarity that I hadn't before: The oneness of everything is now apparent.

Happy movie watching.

Monday, April 25


"Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world,
and in here is the dream." - Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Avatar

When the decision comes to change one's own life, the inspiration can come in many different forms: cinema, literature, video games, and personal experiences. Consuming content in various forms allows us to share in the adventures of others, be they fictional or of this reality. However, Claudia and I have been shifting our time toward living our own adventure, so the consumption of media has become more intentional than ever before. As a result, the impact of each of those messages has been more powerful for us.

James Cameron's Avatar is one of such cinematic experiences. Our spiritual brother Ralph Smart includes it in his list of recommended movies to change one's life, and we enthusiastically concur. Personally, when I first saw this film, my life hadn't yet begun to change very much. My feelings were already strong regarding the mistreatment of other peoples and the destruction of the environment (especially by those who are motivated by greed), but my current wisdom regarding proper health had to wait years before first meeting Claudia in order to reach its infancy.

"The Na'vi say, that every person is born twice. The second time, is when you earn
your place among the people... forever." - Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Avatar

Indeed, Avatar did speak to me in that time, but like most other members of the audience, one of the biggest factors that attracted me to the film was the incredibly high-budget visuals the movie brought to cinema. The relevance of every frame and spoken word had to wait for me to fully understand. So in that way, there feels to be a place that I am earning among what is a true sense of humanity: A complete connection to all that is the splendor of Nature. Jake Sully's transformation was an existential journey via a surrogate body bound to another vibrant, unspoiled world. While compelling and entertaining, its fortunate that such harrowing adventures are unnecessary for us to essentially be born twice and reach the same levels of consciousness. Since we are all inherently connected to Earth and the rest of the Cosmos, we are each given the opportunity to begin at a perfect, harmonious point in this physical reality, ascending every moment until the time we transition, via the lessons we create for ourselves.

"See the world we come from... There's no green there...
They killed their mother... And they're gonna do the same here."
- Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Avatar

Wielding a double-edged sword known as "intellect", humanity has strayed from natural perfection; instead, forcing itself forward in competition with Nature, and arrogantly bestowing upon itself delusional titles of grandeur along the way. Continuing on this path demonstrates the depth of wisdom lost, and exhibits to this are readily apparent across the planet. Powerful tools exist that can realize immense potential. However, those devices are suppressed while more wasteful machines are perpetuated in the brazen pursuit of simply gaining more power, primarily through the wanton consumption and destruction of Earth's resources. This virulent behavior is beneath us, so humanity must decide if it wants to thrive, or face a dismal fate similar to what Avatar illustrates.

"We have tried to teach other Sky People... It is hard to fill a cup which is already full."
"Learn well, Jakesully, then we will see if your insanity can be cured."
- Mo'at (CCH Pounder), Avatar

It's incredible to see how distant humanity views itself from Nature, how humanity intentionally distances itself from Her, and how this cycle perpetuates itself. However, a reawakening in spirit is neigh. Awareness is on the rise. Information is readily available. Many who know that improvements must occur (if the species is to follow its admirable potential) are providing avenues and inspiring others to make their own contributions to this rekindling. Jake Sully is a singular metaphor for everyone sharing in this ascension. In a redirection of the aforementioned cycle: Acknowledging and embracing that Nature is integral to our very being guarantees the advancement and peace desired by all at our innermost levels. Once under way, returning to this renaissance will sustain both itself and our species indefinitely.

Once again, Avatar is a treasured film for Claudia and myself, and each of our individual feelings of adoration were renewed after seeing it together. We hold great anticipation for the future of the people on this incredible gem called Earth, but we live in the present, doing all we can now to be that admirable potential we wish to see. The ascension must begin within every individual, so let this be an invitation for all to pass through "the eye of Gaea" and return.

Happy movie watching!
- Aaron -

Thursday, March 31

Education for Obedience: For Anyone That Went to School

Like stated in the description of this video on YouTube, education is wonderful, this system is not. I fell for the gold stars and the praise. College was fun, but I shouldn't have gone $110,000 in debt for it: Lesson learned.

Education for Obedience

Things are different now.

Monday, March 28

How to Do a 30-Day Vegan Cleanse Properly

For the last 30 days Aaron and I have been on a vegan cleanse. We got to the point were we realized that a lot of processed foods were creeping back into our daily lives and we wanted to do something about it. Right then and there we decided that we wanted to change. We declared that we were going to go 30 days on a high raw, vegan, gluten-free challenge. We started on February 27th, and broke it with our Easter feast.

Recently I have become very sensitive to animal suffering, specifically regarding industries that treat them like products. Aaron, despite knowing that we are meant to eat raw fruits and veggies, was noticing that he too was having intense withdrawals from animal food products. Immediately, I knew that it was time: Time to stop protecting him, and share the documentary that had one of the greatest impacts on my addictions. This film is called Earthlings.

For those of you that don't know what this is, it's a documentary about animal cruelty. It is very real, and very upsetting. Anyone with any empathy can understand that this sort of pain and suffering is not natural and goes against our humanity. Death is natural; this is not. We have empathy for a reason and I strongly believe that anyone that supports these industries should be required to watch it, myself and Aaron included.

"The way we use money has more influence in our society than anything else. And the way we
choose to spend our money can change everything. No company will continue a practice or
product that you, the consumer, will not buy. It's vitally important that you understand this,
because this gives you ultimate power to change the world you live in." - Ethos

Once again, watching this was horrible and indescribable. I cried my heart out, and was surprised by just how much I had forgotten. Simply knowing that this injustice is a part of our world is upsetting. We are better than that, and most of us know this deep down. Aaron and I will correct our actions, and make better choices.

Bring on the cleanse then! For the most part it's very simple: Rest, relax, eat fruits, juice greens, steam veggies, cook potatoes, don't eat gluten grains, stay away from additives, consume nothing from an animal, fast if desired, meditate, and have fun. That's what we did anyway, and each on our own levels. One can take it as far as they wish, or go extremely slowly.

Also, I want to mention that it's okay to break the cleanse if you're really stressed out, or are in dire need of comfort. Aaron and I only did this once. We went out to a restaurant and had cooked foods that probably had chemical additives in it, but we jumped right back into it afterwards. I can tell you that even with that little bit of cheating, we're by far the happiest and healthiest we've ever been.

Towards the end of the cleanse I started to notice how energized and balanced I had become. Even though I have such a long way to go, I was shocked by just how much consistent energy I had. My meals were light, typically mono, and high fruit. We did our spring water fast for a day as well, and I even dry fasted for an evening unintentionally because I was so energized! I spent three hours meditating, and was not hungry or dehydrated in the slightest.

During this long meditation, I found myself diving into a high, trance-like state that helped me experience the Now. I was truly aware of the present moment, and it was so peaceful to simply be. I miss it, and almost feel homesick thinking about it.

Boy: "Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth."
Neo: "What truth?"
Boy: "There is no spoon."
Neo: "There is no spoon?"
Boy: "Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself."
- Boy (Rowan Witt) and Neo (Keanu Reeves), The Matrix

Fascinating, yes. I also found that I was dreaming vividly every night as well, most of them lucid. Another thing that I noted was that when I ate cooked or processed vegan foods (specifically we had some GMO corn chips) I slipped out of that state so quickly. Not to say that I couldn't experience that again while eating cooked food, it was just way easier to get there on fruits and water: A catalyst if you will.

So was this cleanse a success? I'd say it was! For one, going forward, Aaron and I will find creative ways to stay vegan at least. Addictions are strong though, even despite our best efforts. We know that we're suppose to be eating raw foods, but this modern world with it's constant stressors can be overwhelming to us at times. All by choice of course, it's our perception. Again... There is no spoon.

I can say that I feel amazing, have a flat tummy, and have lost a lot of fat around my torso. I'm back to my high school weight and measurements again. There is no need for the protection any longer. Also, I'm taller now. This is either due to my spine straightening up, or my pituitary gland functioning better. When we change our lifestyles our bodies reflect it. However, I still don't see a lot of change in my eyes. My lymph system is challenged and my kidneys aren't filtering optimally. I can tell this by the hazel color, lymph rosary, and my puffy under eye circles. The only way is through, and I must keep going. I have to undo a whole lifetime of poor diet, stagnation, stress, and childhood vaccinations.

Ultimately, I seek to be an example of how one can turn any situation around. Without pain and contrast, we would not learn. Life is wonderful and fun. I am ready now.

♡ Claudia

Wednesday, March 23

How to Decalcify and Activate the Pineal Gland

We love you Ralph Smart. Thank you so much for this gem of a video. It's so beautifully put together, that I couldn't have said it better myself. This is a big deal! Get those glands functioning properly, people!

How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland, the Science of the Pineal Gland, and Third Eye Activation

Cheers and here's to happy, healthy living.

Wednesday, March 16

THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?

We only now stumbled across this film, and wanted to pass it along. Share it with your friends and family. Take from it what you will, and we're confident that it will make for an intriguing conversation.

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

The Website:

Happy movie watching!
♡ Aaron and Claudia

Wednesday, March 9

Why I Don't Have a Mobile Phone Anymore

Last month I did something that most would consider to be extreme, even though it's not: I used up my last minute, and decided that it was time to part ways with my phone service. "Why on Earth would you do that?", one might ask. Well, truly for this simple reason: I don't need or want it.

I've felt this way for almost all my life. I was given my first cell phone (which was soon replaced with a newer model) by my parents in college for so-called emergencies. I was all too eager to accept it, felt posh for having one, and was grateful because it was a way for me to connect with my family when I was away at school. We had a pre-paid account, and I was only allowed to use it to call home.

No smartphone for me, thank you. My lovely little Pantech has served me well for 10 years.

After the years past, I got my third and last phone, one that I paid for myself. Again, because of this, I knew that I was cool, and that I could communicate with others anywhere I went. This is a pretty normal situation for most people. It's common to leave our loved ones behind to go make money to live the dream that supposedly everyone wants. We trade our real interactions with texts or calls, because we're too busy for anything more (or even too far away).

For a long while, I was satisfied with this. Like people in third-world countries that leave their families behind to go make more money in the big cities, I was doing the same thing with a corporate career. If I left, and made something of myself, then perhaps I could take care of everyone. After the debt is paid, and the time is done, just maybe then I could make a better life for myself and share it with my loved ones.

The irony to all of this is that the phone bill must be paid so that we can continue on in this manner. And how do we pay for the phone? By working our lives away of course! This is true for every material possession that we must maintain, and that is why I don't need my phone anymore. I'm trying to climb out of the hole that I dug. By doing so, I hope to remedy this soon, and slowly regain my freedom.

The company that serviced my phone stopped supporting it this year, and that made it really easy for me to say goodbye. See, I would not upgrade my phone because it was working just fine, I liked how small it was, and there was no reason for me to contribute to the massive amounts of e-waste that pollutes this beautiful planet. Recycling mobile phones is not easy, and these phones don't disappear, they pile up. I'm proud to say that my little device will still continue to serve me well as a calendar, camera, flashlight, alarm clock, notepad, calculator, converter, stopwatch, and address book.

What about those real emergencies though? Well, I have never experienced that, and I can't possibly plan for one. My close friends and family know that they can reach me via email at anytime. Also, it's easy to video chat and make free phone calls online. I have what's equivalent to a home phone with the added bonus of getting to see someone on screen at least.

Once upon a time, we humans lived without mobile phones, and all was well in the world. There is no need to fear, especially if the very thoughts that we think attract experiences to us like a magnet. Ultimately, not relying on a phone means that time spent with people will become even more meaningful. It's essential now, and I'm excited to spend more quality time in the present moment with others that I love.

 It feels so right.

Friday, February 26

The Academy Awards

It’s Oscar season, and this year things have changed for me. I love movies, they're good fun, but I've come to appreciate my own life. It's my priority, and I yearn for much more. I'm not interested in the screen too often, and living someone else's tale only through sight and sound has become slightly dissatisfying. All of the five senses are vitally important. Everyone is different, but I have found my current balance and experience movies more intentionally now. Stories and characters inspire, but there will always be a disconnection. I enjoy them for what they are, and am not in need of many. I've only actually seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens this year, and it was beautiful. It has my vote all-round.

Here's what I would like to see win:

Film Editing
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey

Music (Original Score)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
John Williams

Sound Editing
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Matthew Wood and David Acord

Sound Mixing
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Andy Nelson, Christopher Scarabosio, and Stuart Wilson

Visual Effects
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Roger Guyett, Patrick Tubach, Neal Scanlan, and Chris Corbould

So let's see what unfolds! Cheers, and happy Oscars watching everyone.

Friday, February 12



Gratitude understood
Gifts tranquility absolute;
Light saturating
Fuels life captivating.

For my Love,
- Aaron -

Tuesday, February 2

American Beauty

This existence that each of us experiences uniquely is incredible, but equally, it can be quite the folly and something in which to find humor: Beautifully and gloriously meaningless. Our way can be lost so easily that we must keep the truth in sight; when we pass on positive energy and genuine happiness, contentment will follow. If one falls into the trappings of a society built on the ever-crumbling foundations of consumerism, materialism, and the insecurities in oneself that it inevitably spawns, that fear will secure its hold. The only outcome for those unfortunate souls will be the loss they initially sought to avoid through their devotion to the illusion of an affluent social status.

American Beauty is a darkly illuminating and cathartic slice of life, focusing on the awakenings of one Lester Burnham: A man experiencing the aforementioned social misery that ensnares nearly all who live in the so-called (American) "developed world". He becomes inspired to rediscover his own contentment and moments of happiness through a midlife crisis that ultimately leads him to his own death. All's well for those readers shouting, "Spoilers!" He actually reveals in the first few minutes of the movie that he'll die in less than a year's time, as he's narrating postmortem. In doing so, the focus is taken away from his death and shifts it toward his story: The desire to regain what he felt he lost in life.

Surprised that I hadn't yet seen it, Claudia was eager share this film with me. Likewise, I was just as excited and knew I was meant to wait to see it until we were together. It's possible that a younger Aaron may not have grasped the story in the way I do now. Claudia revealed a similar set of recollections of watching American Beauty. Seeing it earlier in her life had far less impact than it did later on, hence her excitement to share it with me came from our common feelings about the true beauty of life. As it's hiding in plain sight and waiting to be found amongst the layers of societal miring.

Even if one has seen it before, I would recommend seeing American Beauty again; perhaps this treasure of cinema will speak to you as it has done so fervently for us.

Happy movie watching!
- Aaron -

Monday, February 1

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2

I must confess that it took me awhile to get around to Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2, because I've noticed that a lot of health documentaries seem very entry level. That's wonderful if one is just getting started, and are new to raw foods, but for me, I'm in need of something a bit deeper. That was definitely the case for this documentary, and I learned much more from the first movie years ago.

That's fine though, it was still an entertaining watch, and it was nice to see that Joe Cross has taken to becoming a wellness mentor. Despite this, it was sad to see that he had gained a lot of his weight back (along with some new grey hair as well). This of course indicates that he's still struggling with his health, because fat after all is the body's way of protecting the individual. He does admit to this in the film though, and confesses that he's not an expert. I found that to be extremely noble.

That aside, he's still changing the world, and this is beautiful. People look up to him, and I was astonished to see how even incorporating just a little raw food and juicing into one's lifestyle was helping people dramatically. Sure they didn't lose a lot of weight or look very different, but the important thing was that they were more energized, healthier, and off of their medication. That's a big deal, and it's exciting to see how change is taking place so quickly in our modern world.

One thing that I felt needed to be addressed though, is the percentage of animal products and processed food that Joe is still eating. Again, he's doing his best, and it's working out decently for him. He said that he was 40% fruits and veggies, 30% animal products, and 30% processed foods. Unfortunately, 60% is still way too high, and that's why he's not getting better results. I at least recommend 80% raw foods (mostly fruit) and 20% of everything else, especially for chronically sick people. Healing and detoxification is an art that I've been passionately studying for eight years now, and it's a highly involved process. It's not complicated, but one just needs to know when to push harder or to pull back. That of which can be done with fruits, herbs, juices, patience, stress relief, proper sleep, and rest. This film doesn't even begin to discuss this, and it implies that juicing is a one-size-fits-all situation. That is simply not true, and if one isn't interested in learning more about the human body, then work with someone such as myself to help along the way.

The last thing that I wanted to clear up is that grains, legumes, and soy are not healthy. These starches are complex carbohydrates that spike the blood sugar, inflame, cause weight gain, rot teeth, create acidity, and are hard to digest. They're great middle-ground options for transitioning, but there's nothing "healthy" about them. We're frugivores and are not meant to eat dormant, cooked foods like that.

So all in all, watch this movie if you have the time or are just getting started on your path to healthier living. I recommend the first film as well, because they go together.

Here's the trailer and YouTube channel: 

The Website:
Also, if you're in need of a private lifestyle mentor, contact me:
Happy movie watching!

Friday, January 8

Inspiration for Women: Empowerment for All

Wow! Markus and Cara just posted this video a few days ago, and I was so inspired that I had to share it. The New Year is just starting, so what better time for a message like this. Everyone can take something from it.

Serious Inspiration for Middle Aged Women

Cheers and here's to happy, healthy living.

Monday, January 4

The Best Way to Contact Me... Update

Check out my New Updated Contact information!
Please feel free to leave all comments and questions that you have there on the page.

Friday, January 1

Happy New Year: The Elevated Year and the New Leaf

I can't even begin to describe how much I've grown and changed this year. Sometimes, it's hard for me to believe, but it all makes sense after all. Last year, Aaron came into my world and showed me what it means to truly live. He's my other half, and the numbness that I once felt is gone. I've begun, to eat mostly raw food now as well, making this my healthiest physical year yet. No, I wasn't able to do the splits, but that's alright. It was more of an egotistical goal anyway. Again, that's okay, I've learned and changed.

One thing I did very well with was my sarcasm. I consider it to be remedied, and I rarely am in need of it any longer. I was able to find my balance with work and play as well. It was actually quite easy. I intend to take it further though, and I now understand what life is about. I have found my calling, and my path. I'm excited, and we'll take you along as well.

Once again, I didn't touch my Fran cosplay, but I did finish a lot of projects and tasks that I wanted to. I'm truly happy with that. External creativity has challenged me recently, because I see through it. I used to think that it was essential, but I'm not so sure anymore. It is fun sometimes, and I believe that I have to balance this more so. Being that I "create" for a "living", it might be challenging to separate the two. Again, equilibrium must be found, so that I can know peace. I'm weary, and things must change.

I'm so very excited about the goodness that this year will bring. I will let it be what it will, but I know that I will grow. 'The Elevated Year' is what I'm naming it, because I know for certain that it's the only way to go.

My New Year's Resolutions:

Mind: To simply stop thinking so much. It's been an issue for me recently, and a quiet mind is something that I long for now. To achieve this without longing is, of course, ideal.

Body: I'm going to focus on my lymph system this year. I know that this will help me improve immensely, and I'm eager to keep going. I'm ready. More raw food and awareness is key.

Spirit: I want to experience life to the fullest and all that it is. To live in the present moment, to let go, and to express gratitude is what it means to be alive!

Now Aaron would like to share a few words:
Indeed! Let us make 2016 the "The Elevated Year". This past year's journey has brought fulfillment in many regards; most important of which has been the timeless love I share with my glorious navigator Claudia, and our continued awakening of mind, body, and spirit.

So, I'd like to list a few things that I've decided on for my New Year's Resolutions:

Mind: Be guided by love. It can take many forms, but all negativity in this world is fundamentally rooted in fear. Therefore, in order to overcome all obstacles, be they physical, mental, or spiritual, one must choose and resolve to let go of fear and embrace the source of all positivity: Love.

Body: Take in only vitality. Humans are frugivores, so if one is to achieve true vitality, one must consume that vitality in order to be fueled properly. Returning to our natural diet enables the body to function at its full genetic potential, and is when one begins to experience real healing and awakening.

Spirit: Reside in tranquility. When one is with inner peace, so to will there be peaceful understanding of all that one experiences. It is essential that mind and body be in harmony with spirit, because we are more than merely evolved primates, but that potential lights a path that we must choose to walk together.

We wish you well, and may you have a fantastic New Year. 
Good luck to you with your personal resolutions. May this year be the best yet.
♡ Aaron and Claudia

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