Thursday, December 10

A Woman's Moon Cycle: Never Bleed or Have Pain Again

Did you know that it's not normal for a woman to have pain, discomfort, cramps, bloating, PMS, irregular times, acne, or heavy bleeding when she menstruates? Yes, that's true, and when I first heard that I couldn't believe it either... Until it happened to me!

When I was younger I dreaded the day that I would get my first "period." Everyone told me how horrible it was, and that you had to use awful tampons and itchy plastic feminine care pads. It was just one more reason that I didn't want to grow up.

In the Western world, this time of the month is despised and hated by women. Nature plays a cruel joke on us, and men run for the hills because nobody wants to be around us when we get moody. What if I told you that it's not what nature intended, and it's a problem that we have create ourselves?

When women heal themselves they do not have any of these issues anymore, which slowly disappear one by one. It's as simple as going on a raw food diet. Fruits, berries, and melons always heal the quickest. It's more about what we stop doing, than what we do.

When the lining of the uterus is shed it is not suppose to be painful or bleed a lot. All we need to do is correct our lifestyle and these will all go away! Woman that eat raw food, sleep well, and manage their stress levels do not bleed very much. When there's nothing to clean, we don't experience these symptoms. Spotting occurs, but it's pretty common for a healthy, fertile lady to go years without any pain.

As for me, I rarely have any of these issues, with the exception of light bleeding. That is healing so fast though, especially when I started on high fruit. I only bleed for three days now instead of six, and my flow is so very light. They are always right on time, and so regular in fact that I can predict my start date to the day. Now, I do notice that if I don't stay completely vegan and high raw that I will have more bleeding, and the start date will be early. This is my body trying to clean out prematurely, because of what I've eaten. It really is that simple, and I'm excited for the day that I too will stop bleeding so much because there's nothing left to clean.

A few years back I learned that the Native American people believe that a woman's "Moon Cycle" is a sacred time. It's about reflection, relaxation, and a time to honor her beauty. That is so empowering, and this is why I now love my time of the month: It's restful and rejuvenating.

Love Claudia xx

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