Monday, October 26

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

"OMG the Moon!" says Kitty.

Finally! It happened. I've waited for so long to complete The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and I'm excited to say that it has come to fruition.

Back in 2000 (15 years already to the date) the sequel to Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, was released in North America for the Nintendo 64. I begged my father for it for Christmas, but alas, there was no game under the tree that year. That's quite alright though, because the Universe works in mysterious ways.

It wasn't until I met my Truelove, Aaron, that I was supposed to finish this game. For you see, I was desperate to play it back then, so I borrowed the cartridge from an acquaintance at school. Unfortunately though, I didn't have time to beat it, because the school year ended and I had to give it back.

I was so close! I got to Ikana Canyon, and for those of you that have played, you know that I was almost there. Time passed, I forgot about the game, and I considered it unfinished business. Then I met Aaron and found out that he too played the game, was unable to finish it, and stopped at exactly the same place that I did! Spooky! So, we had to pick up the 3DS version to play once more, and 15 years later we both completed the adventure together. Now that's how one plays a game!

So here are my thoughts about the game:


- It's so wonderful to have all of the old memories rush back, and because we only played this game once, it's almost like a new experience. I'm surprised by how much I had forgotten and had to figure out again.

- We started our quest at the beginning of May, which was awesome fun for me, because I was nostalgic about gaming during that time. That's when I first played it back then. Talk about rose-colored glasses!

- The updated graphics in this version were amazing! They're so polished and pretty. It looked just as good as Ocarina of Time 3D.

 - The new interactive splash screen looked beautiful on the 3DS. The Mask looks really neat with its billowing dark magic all aglow.

- Even though we didn't play with it a lot, the 3D was wonderfully fun when we decided to use it. Termina really came to life with it turned on, and made some challenges easier.

- The new time interface on the bottom of the top screen was nicely redesigned. It's streamlined, and was a big improvement over the N64 version, because it doesn't cover so much of the player's view. It's easier to read as well, which was great at a quick glance.

- Like Ocarina of Time, using the gyroscope to rotate the camera and aim was quite fun. Again, it's one more thing they added to make gamers feel more involved.

- The music in this game was beautifully done. It's so sour and ominous, which was brilliant for a world like Termina. It made the player feel like they're lost, or even at times extremely rushed, because the chaotic melodies sped up as the days passed.

- Lost memories surfaced, so this playthrough was a lot faster than my first time and I did much better with managing time in game. The only reason it took us so long to complete it was because real life came first.

- Like many other Zelda games, my favorite moment was when one sees Princess Zelda. She's lovely, and I always get so happy. That, and the whimsical Keaton with his fancy riddles was oh so much. What wonderful fun was had indeed.

- Also, the cutie-pie seahorses were so adorable! They melted my heart when they were reunited, and kissed with the little love hearts everywhere. I was very happy for them!

- Speaking of love, the Kafei and Anju side story was just wonderful. They're so sweet, and it's nice to see that they got to be together in the end.

- I've always thought that this game had a strong Alice in Wonderland vibe to it, which I thoroughly enjoyed because it's a favorite of mine as well. It was fitting to wrap it up around this time of year, being that it's the spookiest Zelda title of them all.

- The Shiekah Stones were nice for those that wanted to use them, but we stayed clear, because it was too much fun to figure out everything again on our own without help.


- It was challenging to play with the 3D on. One person would always be left out, because of the angle, so it was off most of the time. That, and I remembered the terrible headaches that I got from other 3DS games. So we missed out on a lot of the 3D, with the exception of some special cutscenes.

- This game had very little content (mostly fetch quests and timed puzzles), and one can tell that Nintendo just repurposed the Ocarina of Time assets to cash in on another N64 game. Perhaps this is what my father saw: Nothing new to give his daughter.

- It doesn't make sense that only some of the items disappear when traveling back in time. It would seem like Link would travel with all of his belongings, so the inventory disappearing was a disappointing way to make the game more challenging. It seems like the developers were trying to stretch out the gameplay.

- The fairy pieces disappeared if you didn't collect them all and bring them back to the great fairies that they belong to. If it wasn't for Aaron, I wouldn't have bothered with them. They did end up giving Link some nice gifts though, but I'm not into redoing things. Not once were we able to collect them all without going back. Blah! It did make for a fun video though.

- WARNING: I'M GOING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT A POINTLESS ISSUE - Well, not to me at least. The rupees were cut and shaped differently. They had seven faces on each side instead of six, and they're much wider in this version. Was it really that hard to leave them be?

The Legend of Zelda will always have a special place in my heart, so if you loved the N64 version of Majora's Mask as much as I do, then this remake is a must play. Perhaps, like Aaron and I, you have some unfinished business to attend to as well.

Happy gaming,