Thursday, September 17

Fill in the Blank Tag

This is from a curious little paper that belonged to Aaron, so I converted it into a tag of course!

Fill in the blanks with your answers:

My favorite color is green, because it is synonymous with Earth and my element.

When alone I like to become aware of the present moment, because it connects me to life.

If I had a million dollars I would pay my debt, give some to others, invest, and travel.

I wish my mother had told me to embrace the adventure that is life.

I wish my father had told me that I will always be safe.

No one knows this but I... can't think of anything that is unknown, because I'm very open with others.

I am best at simply being myself.

I hate nothing, because it's a waste of energy (or at least I try my very best).

The one thing I want people to know the most about me is that this doesn't matter to me.

When it comes to money I am always provided for and it flows when I need it.

When it comes to love I am always loved and strive to unconditionally love myself.

I like to wear what is an expression of self in the present moment.

The first thing I like to do in the morning is hug Aaron.

I want everything and nothing at all.

 I tag everyone out there! Pass it around!