Monday, August 10

Fed Up Documentary

Aaron and I finally sat down and watched this wonderful documentary over the weekend, and holy commentary, our passionate conversations were so funny. We couldn't even get through half a minute without pausing it or talking over the movie. It was that good!

I saw the trailer last year and knew that I wanted to see it as soon as it came out. Well, I had forgotten about it until I was poking around on Netflix, and was like, "AHHHHH! It's out; we must watch it!"

Find the film on Netflix or YouTube:

We feel so strongly about the issues in this film, because this is what we do for a living. We help people that are willing to learn and change. Now I understand that this is not for everyone, like at the end of the film a boy was shown how to get healthy and loose weight. He lost a bit, and then gained it all back because he didn't want to continue on any further. The processed food was too addictive.

I understand that drinking alcohol and doing drugs is for some people. We all have different habits, and are set in our ways. Food addictions are no different. It's entirely up to the individual to want to change; everyone walks their own path. However, I feel deeply for those that are lost and want to be well. So because of that, I am here to help: we have hundreds of free videos and articles here on the blog under the Health and Lifestyle Section. Please pass this article down to those in need.

Happy movie watching!

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