Wednesday, July 29

The Land of Arra

The beautiful Land of Arra.

Caia, a young Tihan lady with a strong personality.

Ancient Queen Edell, the revered ruler of the Adrillin people.

Crear, monstrosities that feed mostly on sea creatures.

These concepts are from a long lost story that I found in my archives. I wanted to share, but I'm not going to develop them further... At least not for the time being. Who knows what time will tell.


  1. this is nice work, if you tried hard you might get into blizzard or Valve or another game company. Also your art is good, u might get a job at Disney if u really tried to get a nice resume together. :)

    1. Thank you so much Chris. I appreciate that. I lived in California, and worked in the video game industry for eight years. I learned a lot, and I'm focusing on travel, health, relaxation, and wellness now. :) Those were fun years, and I'm grateful for the experience.


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