Thursday, July 9

Cat vs H2O

Here’s a fond memory of our wonderful friend Farren and his first
encounter with the tub faucet. He clearly loves running water!

Cat vs H2O

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Content, editing, and compositing by Claudia Sutton.


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♡ Aaron and Claudia


  1. That is so cute Aaron! I showed it to Ivan too, who squealed with joy laughing at it. Not too many cats enjoy water. A fun and cute experience! :)

    1. Indeed! Farren is such a beautiful boy, and he has so much personality. :3
      Haha. That's true, and he certainly has his own preferences regarding how he experiences water.
      Trickling water is fine for him, but anything more than that... :P

      I'm so happy Ivan enjoyed watching him, too! ^__^

      - Aaron -


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