Wednesday, July 15

10 Lessons for a Successful Life

"Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest." - Fortune Cookie

Some of us succeed at life, some of us fail, and many of us muddle through. To succeed, one must apply the lessons one learns and practice them each day.

10 Lessons for a Successful Life

Lesson 1: There Are No Secrets to Success.
The ingredients for success and failure are evident all around us. Success is a way of living; it is an attitude expressed in how we live our lives.

Lesson 2: Success Calls for Massive Action.
Achievement in anything takes a great deal of ongoing commitment, self-discipline, and work. It can only be achieved by action.

Lesson 3: Your Success Is Your Responsibility.
Success, one's own happiness, and a sense of fulfillment come solely from within. One can only make these happen for themselves.

Lesson 4: To Succeed You Must Sometimes Fail.
We all falter at some point, and periodic failure is a fact of life. One cannot achieve success without it. Learn from it, and continue on.

Lesson 5: Some People Will Try to Prevent Your Success.
Even if one doesn't intentionally try to sabotage their own achievement, there are those who are willing to do it for them. Recognize this, and create a support system that inspires to the fullest.

Lesson 6: Ongoing Victimization Requires Your Permission and Cooperation.
To be continually victimized by anyone or anything, past or present, requires one's consent. Speak up about wants, desires, expectations, and needs.

Lesson 7: Life Is Not Fair.
It never has been, and never will be. Those who succeed in life develop the courage and maturity to face this truth. There is peace to be found within it.

Lesson 8: Positive Relationships with Others Is a Necessity.
"No man is an island, entire of itself." Humans are social beings who need emotional support from each other. Without it, happiness and fulfillment cannot exist.

Lesson 9: Use Your Time Effectively.
Time waits for no one, it is an finite resource, and everyone receives 24 hours in their day. However, the most successful in life are the people skilled in time management.

Lesson 10: To Succeed, You Must Give More Than is Required.
Make a pact to do more than is merely mandatory. Continue to dream big, but stay focused on the current steppingstone. One day it will manifest.

I wish you all well with your goals and aspirations. Make it happen.
Love Claudia xx

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