Monday, June 15

How to Lighten Hair Naturally and Safely

Spray hydrogen peroxide on your hair. Thee end! In all seriousness though, that is it! I was so scared to try this, because I didn't know what it would do. When I stopped dyeing my hair I still wanted something to bring out all of my colors. I had dark silver hair, and I read that one could lighten their hair with hydrogen peroxide.

I thought that it might look nice and I was finally ready to give it a try after I learned that it's safe and natural. Our bodies naturally produce hydrogen peroxide, and it also keeps plants healthy. When lightening hits rain it creates peroxide which nourishes and stimulates the plants. It's so wonderful, and I never knew.

So I wanted to test it on myself to see if it really worked. I decided that I was going to go for three months to see what happened, and I was shocked by how quickly I went blonde.

 This is what happened in just three months.

As you can see, it's a huge difference and it all happened so fast. During those three months I only applied the peroxide 20 times. I was very busy so I didn't have time to apply it every day. One could easily get these same results in half the time if they wanted to just by applying it more regularly.

3% hydrogen peroxide infused with six drops of vanilla essential oil.

I liked this new routine so much better than conventional hair dye, or even henna. Those were both messy and took hours to do. This is easy, just spray peroxide on the hair that you want to lighten and go! There's no need to rinse it out; I never did. I created a small mixture of solution 3% USP hydrogen peroxide and six drops of vanilla essential oil in a dark 4 oz glass spray bottle (the top was an old perfume spritzer that fit into a vanilla bottle). Hydrogen peroxide is very sensitive to light, heat, and movement. That's why I only made a small amount at a time so that I could use it up quickly, I never shook it (instead I used the perfume spritzer to slowly stir in the vanilla essential oil), and stored it away properly in a cool place. It's not critical to use any essential oil, it's just a fun way to make the spray smell good. It reminded me of ocean scents because the crisp aroma of the peroxide blended nicely with the sweet vanilla. Also, the vanilla is not as oily as some other essential oils, so it didn't clog my tiny spritzer.

I would use it once a day on dry hair, to the point that my hair was wet but not dripping (I made sure not to spray my brows, because I wanted to keep them darker). Even though I've never bleached any fabric with hydrogen peroxide, I'm still cautious to wear an old shirt until my hair completely dries, and use a white towel if needed for any clean up.

That's truly it, I just went about my day, and let it dry naturally. I never used a hair dryer, and only sometimes went outside in the sun. Light and heat will definitely accelerate the process, but it wasn't necessary and I was noticing results even on cold overcast days.

This ritual is so beautiful that I've kept it up til this day, and my hair still continues to lighten. No matter what color your hair is, it will seem to work, and it's nice because it's a gradual change so you can stop whenever you get your desired color. It even lightens silvers, which is why I started in the first place. I wanted lighter silver hair, but my dark brunette hair turned blonde, so now it looks like I have blonde hair with ash-blonde highlights. The silvers act like a toner, and I'm so pleased. One can also create an ombre effect by only spraying the ends of the hair. If I ever decided to go completely natural again this is what I'll do and slowly grow it out. We started doing this with Aaron's hair too. He only wanted light brown tips, so we stopped after a few applications and it looks really handsome.

So, if you want lighter hair for any reason, you must give this a try. Now, over time one will see a slight change in the texture if it's overused. My own hair started to get a little frayed on the lightened ends, so keep it to a minimum. I've corrected this, and haven't had a problem with it since. Give your body and hair a rest from the harsh chemicals. Have fun with the peroxide instead!

♡ Claudia

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