Wednesday, March 18

LET'S Mingle: Day 3 - How to Break a Water Fast and Refeed

Come, relax, and have a conversation with us. Let's Mingle!

 LET'S Mingle: Day 3 - How to Break a Water Fast and Refeed

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Content, editing, and compositing by Aaron Rhyne Hendren and Claudia Sutton.
Music composed by Alvin Muolic.


Please let us know what you think and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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♡ Aaron and Claudia


  1. A neat coincidence - I couldn't help but notice that when Aaron was making his Apple, Carrot, and Spinach juice, that when the spinach was coming out of the machine, it was actually making a smile face in his cup! What a positive symbol to encourage you both and anyone watching! :) Congrats to you both on your journeys of water fasting. And thanks for the shout out! A nice surprise. Love you both! <3

    1. Oh wow! We didn't even notice that. How lovely! Thank you so much about the fast. They're definitely worth taking the time out of our busy schedules for. You'll have to let us know if you ever plan on doing another one as well!
      You're most welcome. We love you too!
      <3 Claudia

    2. Hahaa! I see it now, as well! The smile actually gets bigger as I add more spinach.
      Absolutely, that juice was liquid elation. ^__^

      Yes! Please let us know about any future fasting fun you might have soon!

      Thank you again for the gift card, Carla; it was immensely appreciated.

      We love you all, too! Please take care until next time.

      - Aaron -

  2. Aaron & Claudia,

    Yes, a very neat coincidence indeed! And yes, the smile kept getting bigger with your excitement and anticipation. Your positive thoughts were so strong they even radiated into your juice to show your watchers how beautiful the experience really is. And something like that can not be planned. It just goes to show how positive things will happen naturally when we choose look for it, and when we choose to love and appreciate life for all it continually gives to us. And that includes respecting and appreciating life by taking good care of our bodies. You guys are a great inspiration to many! Ivan and I enjoy watching your videos. I love seeing you guys work together in a collaborative art. Energies are so much stronger when more than one come together, when they believe and create together on a similar task. And, it builds a stronger union as a couple. I feel the good energies from here! Keep it up!

    And I am so glad you both were able to find something nice at H&M. We miss you guys so much already! Looking forward to the next time, especially with the excitement of the warmer weather upon us. I am also really excited for the two of you as a couple. The relationship is still relatively new. And with the beautiful weather coming up, it will be an exciting time for the two of you to get out and explore nature, and with that comes an even greater sense of bonding for a couple. The first year of a relationship is where the foundations are made, which is one of the most important parts of any structure, it is where trust begins to form. I am excited for you guys to see your love and relationship flourish, as do the flowers and plants of nature. Spring represents your relationship, as it will now Spring into life and its full effects. I see lots to look forward to regarding your growth as a couple. So much can happen. So happy and excited for you both! :)

    1. Carla!
      Heehee! Yes. :) What a nice little moment. That indeed, like you mentioned, does seem to happen all of the time if we take the time to appreciate such things!

      Aww! Again, thank you so much Carla. I'm glad that they're helpful. Truly. Thank you! Yes, we love what we do, and it feels so good to hear that you see that in us.

      I know right! I hope that you have many lovely adventures this season. We'll have to see if we can come up again soon. Indeed! We already feel like we have lifetimes together (as witnessed by the moon, right <3 ), but we'll continue to grow and thrive. Thank you for sharing our excitement. It means the world to us.

      Much love,


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