Monday, January 5

Happy New Year: The New Leaf and the Unforgettable Year

I always say, "May this be the best year yet!" So if that's the case, this year is going to be a pretty memorable time. Sometimes words just don't describe how beautiful life is, and writing about how special last year was will be a challenge for sure. I am so incredibly grateful for everyone and everything.

Carla, my sister, predicted that I was going to have a great year (she's clairvoyant). I can't even begin to express how right she was. It truly was 'The New Leaf' that she described it to be. At the beginning of the year I was dealing with mental growth. Coping with things like fear, accepting death, finding clarity, understanding that security is an illusion, and being present in the moment. Then there were things that came later, like being happier with less and cutting back on consumption. Even eating better, and becoming the strongest and most flexible I've ever been. Some of my resolutions from last year were to try new plant foods and to be able to do pull-ups and the splits. Well, I'm happy to say that I've tried a huge variety of things this year: Tomatillos, jack fruit, star fruit, sapodilla, maca root, goji berries, Brussels sprout leaves, fresh cranberries, fresh turmeric root, purple sweet potatoes, parsnips, trumpet mushrooms, spirulina, aloe, eggplant, raw chocolate, wild fennel, and new varieties of seaweed. That's a lot, and I'm most pleased! Also, I achieved my pull-up resolution, but not the splits. Despite the fact that I'm still not to the ground, my daily stretch routine has sure paid off. I'm the most flexible that I've ever been, and I'm only about three inches from the floor. I consider it to be a success, and I'll continue to work on it until I do get down to the floor completely.

During the middle of the year, I focused on a career change. I'm completely satisfied with the time that I spent in the video game industry, and knew that it was time to focus on the next big thing. This is where lifestyle mentoring comes into play along with being a YouTuber and a blogger. I now know that this is the next chapter, and I couldn't be more excited about it.

Then, the most undeniably important thing in my life happened: Aaron and I got to be together. Truelove is something that I lost all hope in, and I didn't think that it was realistic to expect such things. A younger Claudia would have been sad to see me in such a state. Fortunately, that has changed and I once again believe in fairy tales. I moved to Pennsylvania to be with him at the end of the year, and to begin a whole new chapter.

Even though Carla foresaw a big exciting year, I couldn't have imagined it all! What a beautiful experience, and I am so happy with how it played out.

So, what will this new year bring? I'm excited to see. I have already dubbed it 'The Unforgettable Year', and it will be awesome. Although, resolution wise, here are some things that I'm going to focus on for the year.

My New Year's Resolutions:

Mind: This year is going to be about calming the mind and working on toning back the sarcasm. It's best used sparely, and I'm willing to let it go. I now understand that it's hostility disguised as humor, and there are better ways to laugh and have a good time. So I'm excited about the change.

Body: I'm still going to keep working on the splits. It will happen and I'm pretty close. I'm happy to continue on with my routine and to keep going until I hit the floor.

Balance: This is as much mental as it is physical. I wish to find my balance between work and play this year so that I have more time to be with the ones that I love. Making time for rest and the important things in life is valuable to me, so I need to work on that.

Creative: This was the category that received the cold shoulder from me last year. Therefore, I'm going to keep this one the same. My Fran cosplay needs more love for sure, and I'm going to find time for it. Then of course I have a list of other projects and paintings that need attention as well. It will be good times!

Now Aaron would like to share a few words:
Greetings, all! I wanted to emphasize how incredibly and unfathomably important being with Claudia is to me. Seeing her standing before me for the first time was by far the most pivotal point in my life, and the moment when I consider life to have truly begun for me. You absolutely mean the world to me, Claudia.

Also, I'd like to list a few things that I've decided on for my New Year's Resolutions:

Mind: Be more sure, both of myself, and the energy that I imbue into life. Release fear, so that my mind is free to think and imagine clearly. I've made strides to achieve this in the past year, but while I've made considerable progress, I feel that there is more openness to be explored.

Body: Starting in 2013, my journey towards a truly healthy lifestyle finally began after reading Claudia's article about healthy skin. Sans special occasions, I completely ended my consumption of dairy products. In August of 2014, and with Claudia's guidance, I began diving into the wonderful world of healthy living. Every step of the way brought rapid and amazing results. So for this year, I resolve to take the next step by experiencing a water fast. Based on all that I've learned about the process, I anticipate great things.

Spirit: Making positive changes to both mind and body can affect the spirit immensely, but the spirit should always be improved directly. My beliefs are rooted in Nature and Her processes. I use the term Druidism, but it does incorporate Science because the physical understanding of Nature's mechanisms often are as magical as stories of olde. We as a species are still so young in our awareness, and many aspects of the 'Verse from whence we are born are mysterious to us. With that in mind, I will continue to grow in my understanding through inquisitiveness, creativity, and love.

We wish you well, and may you have a fantastic New Year. 
Good luck to you with your personal resolutions as well. Let's rock it!
♡ Aaron and Claudia