Tuesday, December 23

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Well, once again, the epic story has come to an end. I realized that I too had an adventure just by going to see these films, and not how one would think. Each of these Hobbit film I have seen in different States across America. The first one was in California, the second was in Michigan, and the third was in Pennsylvania. Or as Aaron put it, "You went on adventures to see adventures!" So indeed I did, and I enjoyed it very much so. I even braided Aaron's hair, so he was definitely sporting an elven look. It was fun to see the movie with him, because he likes the franchise as much as I do, and we had a great time.

I saw The Desolation of Smaug in IMAX 3D, so I knew that I wanted to do that again because it was better than standard viewing. Unfortunately though, this time around, I didn't have a good time with the chairs. They were too tall, so I got to see a row of heads all across the bottom of the screen, which completely detracted from my experience. I was also wearing my glasses, which was the first time that I tried to wear glasses with the 3D glasses. Not a good idea at all, and I should have worn my contacts as usual, because I spent a lot of time readjusting them throughout the film.

Overall this final film was really enjoyable. It would have been nice to have read the book so that I knew what was canon and what was Peter Jackson, because I found myself pondering that many times. Smaug was resolved so quickly that it was surprising, and the duration of this film was based around the battle (I probably should have guessed that because of the title). I don't like war films, and nowadays I've grown to even dislike fantasy violence. So as I sat there and realized this, I thought to myself how much I've changed, and that I just don't find this sort of thing to be entertaining anymore. Perhaps a past, more immature, Claudia was aroused by the action and cool cinematography, but now I can't look past it anymore. War, gore, and violence sucks. So in future I will be more selective with how I spend my time, which is unfortunate because I rather do like Tolkein's world. 

On that topic, Aaron did have a theory about war and violence relating to food, and he was wondering if war coincided with people becoming more aggressive because they were not eating properly. Eating meat makes a person more aggressive and an imbalance in the brain occurs when one is malnourished with such food. It was an interesting parallel for sure, and I too wonder if my lack of interest in violent subject matters has anything to do with my improved brain health over the last few years. Eating cleanly and healthy surely changes the way one views the world.

Aside from that, the story was intriguing, and I found it to be rather unpredictable. I thought that some of the characters were narrow minded and shallow. Again, this made for an interesting story, but I didn't foresee that at all! Thorin was so power hungry and Thranduil was quite the Sass Master. Overall, it did wrap up rather nicely, and it was neat to finally see Bilbo sitting and recalling the story again at Bag End. I also appreciated the credit sequence brimming with concept art from Alan Lee and John Howe. Their drawings are exquisite, and it made me smile ear to ear to see their lovely work up on the big screen.

Happy movie watching!