Thursday, December 4

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Oh DOA, how I love thee. I remember playing the hell out of DOA3 when I was in college and I loved that game to death. It was the first 3D fighter that I actually had the courage to play. For some reason, I was intimidated by fighting games. Probably because I wanted to win, and it meant a lot to me. Obviously I've gotten over that, and now I can play without being so serious.

So Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate was awesome, and I had good fun with it, all though it's pretty much the same game. I didn't want it to change too much though, so I appreciated the nostalgic fun that I got out of playing the series again. It's something that simply can be enjoyed over a single weekend with friends.

So here are my thoughts about the game:


- I absolutely loved the new art direction. The realist take on things really suits the characters and I don't miss the anime look at all. Well done team, and it's the main reason that I wanted to play this game. The textures and models were incredible. Even the makeup and color palettes on the female characters were so appealing. It made me want to recreate a few of their looks for myself.

- Like most fighters these days, dirt and sweat are a must. So I loved that it was incorporated into the game this time. I always appreciate the little details that help bring a game to life.

- The new characters were awesome. Rig was surprisingly so fun to play. I liked his style, but Marie Rose was hands down my favorite from the new characters (she still didn't hold a candle to Kasumi, my main). I liked that they made her more "modest" as well, if you get what I mean. Oh, DOA girls, you're all ridiculous.

- The story was so bad that it was good. I mean it was really bad, even for a fighting game story. It's always the same too! I must confess though that I was thoroughly entertained, so it counts as a pro.

- The new stages were very cool. The interaction in DOA stages have always been a reason to play this series. I remember, aside from the sexy characters, that this was the main reason that DOA was appealing. It always feels so good to smash someone into a wall! 

- Helena's little French accent was awesome. Enough said. I would giggle every time I heard her speak, and then tried to imitate her. Oh, how cute!


- The DLC in this game was such a cash grab. I really felt like all of it was a little pointless. The days of all of the content being on the disc are over.

- I do love the realism, but Kasumi's hair almost looks brown. I wish that they pushed the carrot hue a bit more, because she's losing that iconic red. A small detail, I know, but it was missed.

- Most of the costumes in this game were terribly generic. They looked like cheap Halloween fetish costumes. There was so much room for improvement regarding this, and it's too bad, because there's a lot of potential for some amazingly fantastic designs. 

- I couldn't counter in this game to save my life! I know that this was my problem, but it seems like ever since they made the counter window in 4 smaller, I've struggled to pull of decent countering. Oh well, I don't have time to practice, so I just miss my easy counter system in 3.

There you have it! If you like the franchise, it's definitely worth picking up for a few months of solid fun. I really don't compete anymore, so for the most part fighting games are something that I'm just nostalgic about these days.

Happy gaming,

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