Monday, December 1

Across America with Claudia

Greetings! This is Aaron, and today I am honored to make my first contribution to the blog for you all.

Claudia and I first met online in early 2012,
and ever since that moment, we have both grown immensely. Through that, we have learned what we truly want in life, and I couldn't be happier to announce that the beautiful possibilities we see are founded on the love that has always existed between us; the Truelove that continues to strengthen with each day. Thank you for being you, Claudia. I love you.

Soon after Claudia and I began corresponding, we had discussed our shared desire to travel; how wonderful it would be to move freely and behold the splendor that Nature provides us all.

This past November, we finally had the opportunity to do just that. On the 11th, I flew out to the San Fransisco Bay Area to stand before Claudia for the first time without relying on an internet connection, and to begin a new chapter (a unified chapter that reflects the singular life that we now live together). That new chapter began with a celebratory visit to the San Leandro Marina, where I was able to experience a taste of the beauty Claudia had been enjoying for many years, but she had already decided that the time had come to turn the page. So before too long, we weighed anchor and began heading East.

As this was our inaugural journey, Claudia thought it best to remain present and in the moment by leaving the new camera in its wonderfully protective case for the duration, and I heartily agreed. We do plan on sharing images of our future ventures about the beautiful green and blue marble we call Earth, but this adventure was for us this time around. Our transcontinental path took us from the Bay Area to Pennsylvania via Interstate 80, until Davenport, which lies on the Mississippi River, between Iowa and Illinois. We then opted to take the more southern route to Wheeling, WV before heading to our destination.

The weather quickly became colder as we crossed out of California into Nevada, and on the plains of the Midwest it became downright bitter. Despite the cold, we completed our quest within a week's time as we had planned. In the future we will be allotting ourselves more time to take in the sites, as we now have a few places that we would very much like to revisit. There will always be more to see, and as fluid as life is, we will see where we find ourselves next. The world offers every one of us a wonderful abundance of experiences, and so we must embrace the courage to find as many as possible.

The paths that Claudia and I have been walking before may have been quite different, but they both led to the same door. Although that gateway may have represented a unique challenge for each of us, we chose to walk through it together, and we have been rewarded with the memories of a wonderful experience that we shared: A preview of all the potential in our new life.

- Aaron -


  1. Hey Aaron! Nice first post! I totally hear you on cameras, I often hate taking pictures for exactly the reason you describe. I'd love to travel with you soon/someday -- dunno what your guys' long term plans are but I'll be back East, operating out of Boston, by the end of 2015 at the latest. I'll catch you on email.

    Hi Claudia! Hope to meet you someday! I'm a very old friend of Aaron's, we met in 1989. I'm in the process of reconnecting with old friends after a years-long spiritual/social hibernation, and I hope to reaffirm mine and Aaron's friendship bonds as time ticks onwards, both through action and through word.

    1. Likewise dear! It will be fun. :) I look forward to it.

    2. Hello, dear sir!
      Thank you! There is absolutely more on the way from me, so between my future posts and our email, all shall be well. Not only that, but that reaffirmation you mentioned will be effortless for us, as always!
      It is also excellent to hear that you'll be back East soon. I look forward to visits and sharing experiences in person!
      Claudia and I originally included photography when we first discussed traveling together years ago but this journey needed to be focused on our bond, and so it was! When we do share photos, they will encapsulate those moments and say what are best said in lieu of words.

      Again, it's so great to see you here on the blog, and we hope this visit is the first of many!
      Catch you on email. :D

      - Aaron -


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