Tuesday, November 4

Alicia's Firaga Sauce

This is a work of art commissioned for my dear friend Alicia, depicting her as a Black Mage from Final Fantasy. Special care went into recreating the look and feel of real video game artwork. Every detail is intentional. The logo uses exactly the same font from the game series, and the stroke and underline sizes are even replicated accurately. All of the fun ingredients are items that any fan would recognize, and the bottle itself is designed to be fully functional like something right off a store shelf. There are many hidden personal references. Some of which include a small Scorpio zodiac rune on her staff, special numbers in the barcode, and she's wearing her beautiful engagement ring on her left hand. The drawing is emulating the masterful style of Akihiko Yoshida, one of the main character designers of the Final Fantasy games throughout the years. It was an absolute honor and privilege to recreate his style, and I’m pleased with the finished result. It truly looks like something out of the world of Final Fantasy.

Happy Birthday Alicia. You are the most wonderful little Black Mage.
Painted in Photoshop in 22 hours.

"Alicia's Firaga Sauce" - Painting Steps
Level: Intermediate

Content, editing, and compositing by Claudia Sutton.
Music composed by Alvin Muolic.


  1. Hot. Hot! HOT!
    So spice! :3
    Oh! Does this sauce grant Haste? Or perhaps an attack bonus?
    It could be useful in a boss battle! ^__^

    You have (to use your word) masterfully recreated the original style, and as always, your work simply glows with charm.
    Again, thank you for sharing, dear Claudia!


    1. LOL! SO SPICE! I still smile....
      Yesh! Me things it does indeed. :3 Aww, thank you hun. You're always most welcome.
      <3 Claudia

    2. Hehe. It is wonderfully silly, isn't it. ^__^

      Oh, you think it would? Partaking could be fun, yes? ;3
      In those most difficult of times, it could be quite the boost, but of course we will always persevere and continue our journey.

      As are you always most welcome, Love.


    3. Yesh! It would be indeed. FIRAGA!
      <3 Claudia


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