Monday, October 13

100% Pure Dark Chocolate Fruit Pigmented Mascara Review

 100% Pure Dark Chocolate Fruit Pigmented Mascara - $21

It seems like 100% Pure has become synonymous with my birthday over these past few years, and last time was no exception. I received some of their Dark Chocolate Fruit Pigmented Mascara as a surprise gift, and oh my goodness I am loving it.

Two coats of mascara built up on the left side, in comparison to bare lashes on the right side. 

I always wanted to try a brown mascara; especially now since I have silver hair. It goes wonderfully with it, and it's a softer look that perfectly complements any skin or hair color. It's more subtle than black, goes on very smoothly, and is easy to wear lightly or built up for decent volume. Also, it actually smells like chocolate, because it's made with real cocoa butter and cocoa powder. I was so surprised by how long the heavenly scent lingered too, and it lasted for about 4-5 hours before the smell started to fade. This is perfect if one has a lover that gets to be really close, because it's so intoxicating. Chocolate contains serotonin after all, and studies have shown that the smell affects us the same way. Yummy!

Unfortunately, it's taken me quite some time to get used to the large wand. As a makeup artist, it's very important for me to find quality products that do the job right and I've been using the same mascara all of my life. So it's hard to learn something new! It's like a painter getting used to a new paint brush. It's going to take some time. This mascara is worth it though, because it's made with the most beautiful ingredients. They're all natural, cruelty-free, and vegetarian. I'm trying my best to replace all of my traditional products with ones that are safe and good for me. Chemicals in mascara are usually very bad, cause lash hair to become brittle, make them prone to breakage, and stunt their growth. So it's very important to me that I switch over right away, and stop putting chemicals on my body.

One thing about this 100% Pure product is that it's very expensive for such a small amount. I understand that these are lovely ingredients, but it's half the size of my old mascara and five times the price! This concerns me about all of the plastic packaging (the paper that it comes in is unnecessary too) because eventually the tubes will be discarded. Of course this is still a problem with any product, but I still wish that the tubes were larger so that less packaging was used.

Lastly, this mascara stays put! I tested it for a full day, which was about 10 hours. I even accidentally rubbed my eyes because I had forgotten that I was wearing makeup, and it only flaked off a little. I was impressed! I'm usually good about not touching my makeup throughout the day, and even though I rubbed on my lashes it still lasted. What was most impressive though is when I went to take it off in the evening. It slid right off with a bit of water because it's more of a thick stain than a sludgy goo. I'm so used to a sloppy-chemical mess that I have to clean up afterward. I always get, what I like to call, Tim-Burton eyes when I take off my mascara. It's a hot mess, and pretty for Halloween but not so much for sleeping.

So I'll definitely be purchasing more of this mascara in the future, because overall I absolutely love it. Give it a try and spread the word. There are good beauty products out there that work great and are great for you. It's definitely worth it in the long run.


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