Wednesday, September 24

DIY Beauty: Homemade Sugar Scrubs for Soft Skin

Homemade Organic Coconut Raspberry & Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrubs

For my birthday this month my sister Carin made me some of the most beautifully decadent sugars scrubs, and I was so delighted when I opened up her present to find two pretty glass jars (she even designed the labels!) filled with her homemade treat. Yes, they're both food grade, organic, and oh so fragrant.

Here's what she used to make them:

~~Coconut Raspberry~~
Coconut Oil
Raw Sugar
Coconut Milk
~~Cucumber Mint~~
Coconut Oil
Mint Extract
Olive Oil

I talked with Carin about her secret recipe, and she told me that it was more about feeling the measurement rather than sticking with rigid amounts. She always starts with the sugar first, followed by the oil, then the nut milk, and lastly the fruits, veggies, and herbs. These keep well in the refrigerator for about three months, and it's best to store them in a dark cold place because this will help to keep the ingredients fresh for longer. One could only keep them for about a month in the bathroom. So it's worth storing them properly.

Now, I've tried these both already and I must say that they're absolutely wonderful! I feel so pampered, and pick out the one that I want depending on my mood. It's easy to just scoop out a little bit, and gently exfoliate with it. Always exfoliate in the shower, because the warm water will loosen up dry skin and it will wash away easily without micro tearing or causing redness. These scrubs work wonders, and leave the skin feeling so soft. They both smell amazing too, and what's so awesome is that they can be eaten because they're all natural. I even had a tiny taste, and yes, they're oh so fun. The oils in the mixture left my skin so soft that I didn't even need to moisturize after I got out of the shower. I was really surprised by that, which was wonderful because then I didn't need to use any more oil.

So definitely try making your own. Be creative with different measurements until you get it exactly how you desire. One could also experiment with different fruits and veggies as well. The possibilities are endless!

Cheers and here's to happy, healthy living.