Wednesday, July 30

Is Buying Stone-Crushed Olive Oil the Best?

Bariani Stone-Crushed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - $14

Well, after finally picking up some raw organic stoned-crushed olive oil, I would have to say the answer to the title's question is yes. It took me years, just because of the price alone, to pick up some proper oil and it's totally worth it. There's no going back for me.

So what's so special about stone-crushed olive oil anyway? First off, most olive oil isn't real. It's estimated that 69% of all store-bought extra virgin olive oil in the US is probably fake. That's a lot! Instead they are diluted with cheap soybean oil and herb flavoring. Fake oils are even linked to the Italian Mafia, and is a very lucrative business for them. Then we have the issue with most cold-pressed oils being heated to over 160 degrees accidentally by the hydraulic mechanical presses that are used, and therefore cooking the oil leaving nothing living behind. So what's the point then after that's done.

That being said, real raw organic unfiltered decanted stoned-crushed oil is the only way to go. It's expensive though, but done right, and I feel like a princess using it. It's so delicious and fresh that one can definitely tell the difference. I can for sure! It even has a beautiful grass-like aroma. It also feels wonderful to support a company that's doing good things for the earth and not cheating people.

I personally bought from Bariani (I got mine at Whole Foods), because the family comes from a long line of Italian artisans and gives particular care to the entire process. They also package their products in dark green glass. This is excellent, not only for health because the glass won't leach chemicals from the packaging like plastic, but the dark color will prevent most light from getting in and degrading the oil. Olive oil, like all fats, goes rancid very quickly if not cared for properly. Actually, most cheap olive oils not packaged in dark glass are already rancid at the store. That's also why I only bought the small bottle, so that it stays fresh and it also limits my use of the oil. I actually use it more for my skin than I do for recipes.

There you have it my friends; give this olive oil a try. It's worth it, and remember, 
always store your oils in a cool dark place. That will keep them at their best. 


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