Friday, July 18

Earthpaste: Best Natural Toothpaste Ever

Peppermint and Wintergreen Earthpaste - $4.99 each on sale at Whole Foods

Over the years I've been searching for a great-tasting, cruelty-free, natural toothpaste and now I think that I've found it. After trying other brands, and even experimenting with my own homemade tooth powder, I still wasn't satisfied with them. That's when I stumbled upon Earthpaste and knew that I had to try it.

I've known about fluoride being extremely toxic (causes brain damage) for quite sometime now, but what got me to buy Earthpaste was that, aside from being fluoride-free, it also didn't contain glycerin. Recently, what I've come to realize is that glycerin prevents minerals and nutrients from fortifying the teeth because it creates a coating that won’t rinse away and allow for mineral absorption. So not cool, because I love mineral absorption! Glycerin is in a lot of natural brands of toothpaste too, and apparently it requires about 20 rinses to get it off so that the teeth can once again absorb nutrients.

That's what made me want to switch right away because I don't want any cavities. Other then that, there are so many beautiful reasons to buy it. The ingredients are so pure and lovely, so much so that it can be eaten. Of course that's not recommend, but it's nice because there aren't any poison warnings on the packaging like most products. That's a rule I try to live by: If it can't be eaten then it should not go on the skin. The other thing too is that it has Redmond Clay in it which is a natural polisher and cleanser. It also contains Redmond Real Salt, which salt is know to mineralize and whiten teeth. This is really cool, because I love my teeth being shiny and white. I've also read great reviews about how people's teeth stains have been removed quickly with Earthpaste, and so far my teeth have remained very white as well.

One last thing to mention is the California Prop 65 lead warnings on the packaging. I was so eager to try this brand that I didn't even see it on the label when I picked it up. I'm glad that I didn't either, because I probably wouldn't have bought it. Fortunately, the company explains very thoroughly why this is and I'm content with using it still. It makes perfect sense, and it's natural for it to be in the clay.
"The irony of guarding against proposition 65 is that some of the most pure, natural products we’ve ever seen are the ones sporting a warning on the box! You naturally wouldn’t expect any other answer from us, but we love Earthpaste - we use it, our families use it, our toddlers and babies use it. The amount of lead in a brushing with Earthpaste is much less than what you’d find in organic produce. Even in larger portions, your body can’t absorb the naturally occurring lead in Bentonite clay to begin with. We simply wouldn’t sell it if we had any doubts!"

Also, they created this lovely infographic to explain it.

So give this a try. It's a fantastic product full of wonderful, real ingredients.
Love Claudia xx

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