Monday, July 14

10 Questions Tag

Justin tagged me! Let's do this!

10 Questions:
1: What's your real name, nickname, and why do they call you that/those?
My name is Claudia Sutton. My nickname is Silly Rabbit, because I'm the silliest little white rabbit in all the land. Even though the nickname was given to me years ago, I would like to think that it also relates to my Fran cosplay and my admiration of Alice in Wonderland. How serendipitous; it was meant to be!

2: How old are you and where are you from? Do you live in the same place you grew up?
I am ageless. Truly. I was born and raised in Mid Michigan, and now I live in California.

3: Specific movie genre? Favorite movie(s), TV show(s), anime(s), actor(s), actress(es)?
Genre: Fantasy, comedy, and slice-of-life movies. Movies: Edward Scissorhands, The Princess Bride, Old Disney Movies, The Last Unicorn, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, V for Vendetta, and Avatar. TV Shows: Can't think of one, but I really loved TGIF shows when I was little. Animes: Sailor Moon and Trigun. Actors: Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, and Robert Pattinson. Actresses: Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, and Kristen Stewart.

4: What kind of music do you listen to? Favorite band/artist(s), song(s)?
All kinds really. Lots of rock though. Bands/Artists: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Florence + The Machine, The Mars Volta, MGMT, Fall Out Boy, Lana Del Rey, and Tori Amos. Songs: Like everything from them!

5: Do you play video games? What platform/console, genre, and favorite games?
Hells to the yes! The N64 was very memorable for me because of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64. I definitely like action games and RPGs. Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy XII are my all-time favorites.

6: What are your favorite books? Are you subscribed to any magazines?
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a favorite. The Harry Potter series is great too. Although, I much prefer non-fiction because I love learning. Anything by Markus Rothkranz is amazing. No magazine subs for me.

7: How many languages do you speak/what are they? Are you studying any/more?
English. I took five years of Spanish in school, and have forgotten almost all of it.

8: What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Perfectionism can go both ways.

9: If you could own a dragon, what color would it be and what element would it have?
Wow, what an interesting question. I wouldn't own a wild creature. If it wanted to stick around, then cool. I think that the dragon's personally would matter the most. Esthetically though, I would have to say white or green, and earth or holy would be the element.

10: What super/power would you want to have? What would you do with that power?
That one's covered here.

Feel free to do this! All 10 questions.

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