Tuesday, February 18

Late to the Dance Party: Dance Central 2

Club can't handle Kitty!

Woooo! I spent a good week dancin', and it was awesome. I had forgotten how fun it is to play Kinect games, so I wanted to bust out my copy of Dance Central 2 to mix up my workouts a bit. Then I got on a role and I even rearranged the living room for it! When I was in Michigan I went dancing with my sisters and had so much fun. I went all night long, it reminded me of how much I love it, how much energy I have, and I even pulled some moves from Dance Central when I was out there. So yeah, it was awesome to get my dance on!

Here are some thoughts about the game:


- It's very assessable compared to the first game. This one was super easy to beat, and it has a nice balance. There's something for everyone, and ranges from hardcore to easy party modes.

- Love the multiplayer option! That is a huge improvement over the first one.

- The new characters and costumes are fun. I like the dance team concept as well. I still play as Miss Aubrey, but I miss Oblio! I heard he's back in 3.

- The interface has been improved a lot, and it's a welcomed change. It's easy to understand and interact with, so that makes dancing more straightforward.

- The improved Kinect dancer icon is a huge help. In the first game, the player is just one big ghostly blob, in comparison to this one that has distinct features and appendages.

- It's fun to master songs, and break them down. This version is much improved over the first game, and I like how I only have to focus on individual moves that need more practice. It's great feeling like I'm learning a skill that I can use, so that I can rock out on a real dance floor.

- This is a great, and fun, way to workout. I get my heart rate up, strengthen muscles, and love being immersed in a song. Fitness at it's awesomest! 

- The game came with free Microsoft points for song downloads. Which is cool, but I'm probably going to save them for now. 


- The Kinect still has problems with registering all moves correctly. Sometimes I'm so on, and don't get the points, and then other times I'm ridiculously flailing around and get it. Weird!

- The side angles mess with me. I know that it's fun to mix up camera angles, but when it goes to the side, I typically can't see the body placement correctly and fail the move.

- The playlist is not my cup of tea compared to the first, but maybe I just have to get use to it like the first set of songs. There are some really awesome gems though.

Yeah, so if you like to dance, this is the game for you. Or if you like to have fun playing multiplayer and seeing others act ridiculous, it will make for a fabulous party event.

Cheers and happy gaming,

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