Tuesday, January 14

New Year's Resolutions: A Bright New Future

It is so good to be back in California. I feel absolutely refreshed after my amazing two month holiday with family, and I'm ready to start the year off right. New Year's is always a special time for me because it's an opportunity to reflect and be grateful. It's a time to reminisce about the past and get excited for the future. This year was special too, because I got to celebrate twice: Once with family in Michigan and another in front of the fireplace in California getting lost in thought.

Carla, my sister, even had a beautiful vision about my year to come and drew out a picture for me. Here's what she wrote:

 This sounds pretty good to me.

How exciting is that! It was very kind of her to relay it in a way that I would appreciate, hence the leaf analogy. So I'm definitely ready to hop to it. That being said, I was quite happy with my results from last year. I was very successful, with the exception of my Fran cosplay. Despite the fact that I didn't finish, I still got a lot done. So for that, I'm content. Everything else was awesome, and I got gold stars all round. Seaweed is now a part of my daily diet. I've tried guava, durian, and bee pollen. Stress and worry are a thing of the past. (I definitely had an astounding transformation last year, and it makes me smile just thinking about it.) Then lastly, my biweekly schedule for creating YouTube videos was successful as well, with the exemption of holidays and vacations.

Now on to the new resolutions! Share yours with me as well. I want to hear all about your wonderful goals.  
Here are mine for this year: 

Diet: Continue to clean up by extremely limiting my salt intake and cutting back on packaged foods. Also, I would love to try new varieties of plants at the farmer's market. Like shallots, leeks, and tomatillos!

Body: Work on flexibility and strength. To the point that I can do the splits both ways, and be able to do 1-3 pull-ups without help.

Others: Continue to give to people more often both in person and online. Don't be afraid, and don't hoard when I know that I can share or give.

Creative: Finish my Fran cosplay! For real this time. I also have a few paintings that I would like to get out of my head and out into the world.

I wish everyone out there a splendid New Year, and good luck to you with your personal resolutions. 
Love Claudia xx

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