Tuesday, January 28

Live Life to the Fullest Now

"People at the end of their lives are incapable of bullshit."
- Kathleen Taylor, Hospice Counselor

Isn't that a great quote? I sure think so, and it really got me thinking because I found it to be truly inspiring. According to Kathleen, a health counselor for the dying, people that are wrapping up their lives really aren't worried or concerned about the little things. Things like being right, important, busy, guilty, self conscious, etc. She also states that many people become these crystalline, pure versions of who they are, because with no time, or strength, left they start becoming genuine.

That is profound, and I thought about how nice it would be to harness that potential earlier in life. Why wait? There is so much beauty in that honesty.

Also, what's curious about this light-bulb moment is that it seems to be something that someone has to just turn on. Decide right then and there that it's a new way of life, and change. Of course with minor corrections and reminders along the way, one could truly become that person at anytime. It just usually takes a serious experience to embrace it, or even the end of one's own life.

For me, that was dealing with my sister Carin's illness. It was tragic, but it brought so much clarity to those around her. Luckily, she's well again, and has a second chance. We all do. We can decide to change in an instant, right now, without having to go through something like that. Think about all of the things that you're perhaps not being honest about. Things like true forms of creativity, expression, consideration, forgiveness, love, and joy. We hold back so much, or even hold on too tight when it's not serving us.

The one thing that I tell people all the time is to follow their heart. Deep down we know what's right, not only for others and the planet, but for ourselves. We all have this inner pilot light that guides us. Sometimes we listen, and other times we're too afraid to for whichever reason.

Well, that's what needs to change. I challenge you to rethink and recreate when it's needed. Is that job working out for you, or that relationship? How about loosing those extra pounds, or allowing yourself to relax? Think about the present and how those things make you feel. Are they wonderful, or a burden? Living in the moment, and finding that authenticity within you will bring so much peace and happiness. Don't be afraid of change, letting go, or taking a leap of faith. Why wait until the end to find your true self? Live it now.


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