Wednesday, October 2

The Nady Audio MPF-6 6" Pop Filter Works Like a Charm

Nady Audio MPF-6 6" Pop Filter - Isn't it pretty!

For my birthday I got a lovely new pop filter from Alvin. I was ecstatic, because it helps me out so much. I'm not your typical girl that wants frivolous stuff for her birthday. No, not at all. Practical things are much better, and the pop filter is perfect, because it helps me realize my dreams. It's going to streamline my audio production for my YouTube videos and make it that much faster.

That's exactly what it's done too! Which is brilliant because I had my doubts. I used it on my latest video and it worked beautifully. I've never had a problem with plosives after switching over to my field recorder, but I was still having a problem with clicks. So I was surprised that it seemed to clean a lot of those up as well, and I had a wonderful sounding WAV file to work with.

I'll definitely continue to put this pop filter to good use. The setup is simple too. For podcast-esque style recording I have my field recorder on a boom arm right in front of me, like right above my computer monitor and pointing towards my mouth. Then I have my pop filter positioned in front of the field recorder on a small desk stand. There's about a foot between my mouth and the field recorder, and the pop filter goes right in the middle about six inches away from me.

So that's it, and it works like a dream. I'm definitely satisfied with my audio. Also, if you're interested in the equipment that I use for making videos, I have it all listed on my FAQ.

Check it out here:

Love Claudia xx