Monday, October 21

Terms and Conditions May Apply Documentary

Wow, this one was hard to watch, but I recommend it to everyone out there because it's important to be aware of. This lovely film is a behind-the-scenes look at what happens to our personal information when we sign up for any service online.

There's no silver lining, and it's a bit hard to digest. The gist of it is that anything that's done online is written in ink. Nothing is deleted, nothing is private, everything is monitored, and is collected for profit or gain. I'm sure most of us are aware of this, I certainly was before watching it, but it was still difficult to listen to once more. The matter is like a catch-22, because we willingly choose to use the Internet and the variety of different services companies offer. So we have to live with the terms and conditions.

This is true for phone calls and texts too. Everything is recorded, collected, and can, and will, be used however they see fit. I've thought about getting rid of my cell phone numerous times, but then how would I talk to my family? I live so far away from them. So once again: Checkmate.

Just be aware and watch the film:

It was sad at the end of the documentary because the filmmakers kindly ask, "Can you please not?" Can you please not do this and treat us this way? That's a very optimistic approach, and unfortunately it seems highly unlikely. Why would they stop when there's so much to gain?

Happy movie watching.