Monday, October 7

Problems With Google's Auto Enhance Feature

Last week I realized that something odd was happening with the images that I post here on my blog. The colors were changing every time I uploaded something. Now this was confusing because it wasn't happening on other sites, so I knew that it was just Blogger.

Come to find out after I did my research, is that Google thought that people would like their work to be "auto enhanced," so now when we upload anything it will be "enhanced."

The only way to fix this and turn it off is through Google Plus, which I don't have and don't plan to until they force it. To disable this feature follow these steps here:

                                 - Login to your Google+ account
                                 - Click on "Home" then "Settings"
                                 - Scroll down to the "Auto Enhance" section
                                 - Uncheck "Automatically enhance new photos"

I'm under the impression that this is not working for everyone though and people are still having problems with "enhanced" images, even if they have a G+ and turn these settings off. Note that any old pictures that have been "enhanced" have to be reuploaded as well.

The way that I'm dealing with this, because I don't have G+ and it's sure to work, is to create PNGs instead of JPEGs. This fixed the issue for me, and I'm glad. As an artist, this was frustrating because I control colors on my end and am not in need of such a feature. Ideally, it should be checked off by default.

Lastly, I will say that there are pros and cons to PNGs. The pro is that they're not compressed so my images will be even more crisp and high quality from here on out. The con is that I fill my limited storage space faster, so I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Cheers, and I hope that this helps others out there dealing with the same problem.

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