Friday, October 25

Get What You Want

Need a kick in the arse? Watch this. 
I find this TEDx Talk to be extremely motivating and I wanted to share it with you. I was in the bathtub when I watched this last night, and was so excited to work on something when I got out. That doesn't usually happen! I typically snuggle up with a cup of tea afterward and go to bed early. Well, I got my tea and went straight into working on projects. I even stayed up until 10:30pm. Wow, I'm such a rebel.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. Hey Claudia, it's me Jonathan (from DeviantArt). I managed to watch the video link and it's very enjoyable to watch. Everything she said makes sense. We all have these great ideas and slight motivation but it does not get done or objectives aren't met due to people just not really getting into it. I would know. There are so MANY ideas of writing fanfics in my mind, I never take the time to actually type them up. Due to my own busy schedule. It really does suck I never take the time to do it. Thanks to this and you not only do I want to do fanfics tonight after I attend Ringside Fest with my friends (I will explain it to you on here later) but I want to be a part of blogspot. Create my own blogs. To reach out and tell them my days of what makes me. Speaking of which, I never knew me being 1: 4 Trillion is a life changing experience. In general! Even though my Name in Hebrew is "God's Gift" I'm certain I have a gift. Like you. Like society. Thanks Claudia for providing this link on my journal. :) it means a lot that I am somewhere on your mind as your on mine.

    - Jonathan (I-AM-JIGGA)

    1. Hey Jon; it's good to hear from you. I'm so glad! Yes! For sure, go for it. Sometimes all it takes is a little push. She sure was persuasive! ;) I too am going to work today. YouTube and cosplay always keeps me busy.


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