Wednesday, September 18

The Bling Ring

This film was something that I normally don't watch, but it was the Emma and Sofia combo that convinced me. To be quite forward, this was an interesting social commentary about a lot of real issues that I have strong feelings about. Perhaps that's why it was alluring. So I knew that it was going to be a stressful watch, and it was, because these kids get their just deserts in the end. It was so hard to sympathize with these characters in the slightest, but that was the point and the performances were spot on. One thing that still sticks with me is that these people got what they wanted. In a twisted way, they became famous because of this and became a part of the culture that they coveted so much. Even this post of mine is adding to it in an odd sort of way, but I write because the subjects are important to discuss.  

Overall it felt intelligent and self aware, almost a visual retelling of the Vanity Fair article itself. Truly a reflection of that flavor, but tasteful and stylish despite the atrocious themes. Consumerism, social media obsession, and celebrity infatuation are growing issues with the modern world, and it was challenging for me to come to grips with these topics while watching the film. Of course this tale is the real-life depiction of that extreme, but it's definitely still something to dwell on.

Has anyone seen it as well? Let me know your thoughts.

Cheers and happy movie watching.

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