Monday, August 12

My Erickson Ranch Adventure

Over the weekend I spontaneously traveled up north to Fairfield California and had the pleasure of exploring a bit around Erickson Ranch. It's so beautiful up there, and I cherished the short time I had to visit. I got to met Ray, the owner, and we chatted about all sorts of wonderful things. I also got a tour of some of the land and was in awe by what I got to see. It was amazing, and I felt at home there running around with the dogs, talking about butterflies, eating grapes from the vine, and collecting peppers.

These beauties are a seasonal treat for sure!

Also, Ray was so kind and he gave me a bunch of loquat leaves from a huge tree that he had growing on the ranch. I've never seen one so big before, and now I have a ton of leaves that are going to last me forever.

So if you're in the Northern California area, stop by the Erickson Ranch to support these lovely people. They're open June through November, and it would make for the perfect afternoon outing.

Check out their website:

Harvest info makes learning about fruits and veggies easy:

Also, they have amazing recipes too:

I would love to go back!
♡ Claudia

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