Tuesday, August 20

Healing a Loved One from Cancer

Cancer is a serious word. So, I can just imagine what it feels like when someone you love tells you that they have cancer. Like many out there, cancer has claimed the health and lives of many. I've always believed that it was a disease of excess: Poor diet, stagnation, lack of rest, hoarding, stress, fear, drugs of all sorts, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Again, it's a disease of excess that's so prevalent in the modern world. We're so unhappy and busy that we numb ourselves with whatever we like best. In turn, we exchange our well being and longevity for that quick fix. Cancer is defined as unregulated cell growth, and it seems logical to believe that it's caused by unregulated behavior. They always seemed to be linked in some way.

So when I learned that my little sister Carin has cancer, I just didn't know how to respond. I've been numb for days and it seems so surreal.

I help people. That's what I do, or at least that's what I try to do, and now it's time to help someone so dear and beloved. After gaining composure, I've logically realized what must be done. Perhaps all my studies and growth over the years will come into play now at this moment with her.

Carin has begun to clean up her life in all aspects. She's an inspiration to me, because she's taking the bull by the horns and is going all out. I know that this is a hard life lesson, but she will get through this and become a better person because of it. I laugh with her and tell her that it's time to come out of her cocoon and fly. Get ready for Carin Version 2.0! Alongside conventional treatments, she has begun educating herself about holistic methods. I remember seeing The Beautiful Truth when it came out, and knew that it would inspire her.

Watch the documentary here:

It was my first exposure to healing on this level, and it changed my life because I started implementing these things as well. A healthy diet, cutting back on chemicals, movement, play time, stress management, quality sleep, creativity, passion, and lots of love can heal almost anything it seems. It did for me. So with Carin, we've implemented some of this wisdom. She's doing amazingly, because most people aren't willing to give up their vices. It's challenging for sure, but she's rocking it and I'm so happy.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

Also, she's working less now and cutting back with one of her jobs. The unfortunate thing about the world we live in is that if we don't work we can't maintain our stuff. So, she still has to work as well and is going to earn just enough for food and bills.

She also did away with all of her cosmetics, hair dye, toxic cleaners, and cut back on plastics (especially any food packaging). For most, this is tough. I'm not even this clean, because I still have chemical makeup and nail polish. Going through this with her really makes me think about my addictions, and she is a shining example of someone who is choosing health and life over convenience and vanity.  

Lastly, Carin was on birth control. When she got the implant in her arm a year ago, she only told me after she completed the procedure, and I was unable to talk her out of it. It has caused her so much trouble since then, and she's glad to have it taken out. This is a whole other topic, but I'm ecstatic that she's having it removed.

Going through this makes me realize, once again, how important all of our life choices are. Most think that they're giving up so much when they can't have the little things that they "love". Those things are addictions, and cloud one's judgement. Living without these addictions is pure joy, and it's indescribable. However, I do understand that everyone is free to make their own choices, and some prefer the junk foods, TV, cigarettes, alcohol, and the resulting pain; life can feel unbearable without them. The mind is powerful, and whatever reality that we believe to be true most definitely manifests.


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