Thursday, July 11

I Got Tagged by Ash

Ashley tagged me, so now it's my turn!

Part One: Write 10 Things About Yourself

1. I've been really reflective about life recently.

2. I don't like gratuitously violent media. Like war or horror themes.

3. I can't spell definitly (see what happens without spell check) for the life of me! Whenever I use it in a sentence it's been auto corrected.

4. I keep my cellphone turned off most of the time to conserve energy and limit radiation exposure.

5. I love fruit. Lots of it! I had like a million peaches yesterday.

6. I wish I was on a tropical island right now living off the land.

7. White flowers are my favorite.

8. Raw foodists inspire me.

9. I don't kill insects inside my home. Instead I let them go outside, because I respect life and understand that they're a valuable part of our ecosystem.

10. I need to meditate more... I'm going to do that after this.

Part Two: Answer These Questions

1. What would you do if you were given a bank account full of stolen money?
It would seem like that could be traced, and I'm sure I would be blamed for it. So I would report it.

2. Favourite Vocaloid song e v e?
What's Vocaloid? Just kidding, but I've never heard the songs.

3. If you were a guy what would your name be?
I'm sure my parents would have named me.

4. What was the last thing you said to someone?
"Want some tea?"

5. Who would you like to meet in person?
The countless people around the world that inspire me.

6. Your biggest fear?
Not seeing the world before I go.

7. If cats ruled the world what would you do?
Rest assured; they would probably do a better job than us.

8. Zombie apocalypse! You're only allowed four things with you. What are they and why would you take them?
Drinking water, a boat, a map... and do people count?

9. If you could chat with any anime/manga/oc character, who would it be?
Can I talk to a great leader instead?

10. Amuse me >8D Tell me a joke, something random and funny, I dun care! Just amuse me!
More Fuzzins Black Cat!

If you would like to do this feel free. Tag.

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