Monday, July 29

DIY Beauty: Blotting Paper

I want to share this easy beauty trick, that's not only free but extremely useful if in a bind. The other day I was frolicking about in town doing some errands and I caught my reflection when passing a mirror. Unfortunately I had put way too much jojoba oil on to moisturize before I left home and was reflecting the sun like a magnifying glass. Which was not the look that I was going for.

Well that just won't do! So I went over to the ladies room to fix the problem. I didn't have any powder or blotting paper on me, but knew of a great way to tame oil on the go without products. Just tear off a small piece of a clean toilet seat cover in the bathroom stall and press it on your chin, forehead, nose, and anywhere else that might be oily. It works like a charm, and exactly the same as expensive conventional blotting paper. It absorbs the oil and keeps your makeup in place. No more shiny mess!

Cheers and here's to happy, healthy living.

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