Wednesday, July 17

Diet for a New America

A few weeks back my friend Lucian sent me info about a great book titled, Diet for a New America. I read the preview on Amazon, and I definitely want to find this one at the library. From the surprisingly long book preview, I was truly inspired from the information despite the fact that it was published in the late 80's. For you see, I'm truly on the cusp of becoming a raw foodist. I've studied health and happiness passionately now for five years, and I'm still working on my food choices. Perhaps this book will be just what I need.

On a daily basis I maintain a low-fat vegan lifestyle. I typically eat two raw-food meals a day, and then the third contains something cooked. Typically corn, brown rice, or beans. So that's not terrible, but not optimal as well. My real issue with food is on holidays, vacations, and birthdays, because I don't maintain this lifestyle all of the time. It's completely physiological too, because sometimes these processed foods don't even taste so good. I definitely recognize the link between happiness and food. The problem, besides the ethical and eco issues, is that I get sick when I don't eat well. It's not a nocebo either, because I don't feel guilty at the time and I enjoy these moments, but my body doesn't care. It's so clean and efficient now that when I "treat" myself I end up sick in bed, or covered in spots. Neither is very much fun. So the past years I have been sick on the holidays, vacations, and birthdays! That's not a great way to spend those days.

I say this to encourage others, because this seven year experiment of mine is conclusive. Raw plants are optimal, and cooked/animal foods are not. Most of us have plenty of fresh food available to us daily, so survival is not a problem. We can choose the best food for a long healthy life.

Lastly, I close with this video on the topic:

Also, the creator has a website:

Happy movie watching.

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