Tuesday, July 30

Boom Festival: The Alchemy Of Spirit

A dear friend of mine pointed out this neat documentary about the Boom Festival, a gathering in Portugal every two years on the first full moon in August. I rather liked it, and wanted to share. Not only does it look like loads of fun, it's a celebration of a lot of things that are dear to me now as an adult. What's also cool is that it's a test run to see if people can live together in environments such as this for longer periods of time. I think it's brilliant, and definitely a concept worth exploring a bit more in the future.

Give it a watch:

Part I

Part II

Perhaps one day I shall go too.


  1. In some ways, it looks a lot like Burning Man lol

    1. Yeah, for sure. It seems like the European equivalent. :D

    2. Yeah, there's a lot of festivals like this throughout Europe going back to the 60's and possibly even earlier with nomadic festivals turning to teknivals (giant raves) turning to all purpose, better organized events. Despite laws, brutality, equipment confiscation, and violence, there are those few amongst us that keep the spirit lit and burning while simultaneously mourning the ones who gave so much, including in many cases their lives, to preserve the culture creating almost out of nothing.

    3. Wow, yeah, I've heard of some of them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that why Stonehenge is fenced off today? When I went there, I think I remember something about a festival that was held there but they got kicked out eventually because supposedly the people were disrupting the stones. Perhaps that's true. I never got close enough to see any vandalism personally. I stood behind the fence like a good little traveler.


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