Friday, July 12

Ask Claudia: Bamfing Around the World

"Ask Claudia" is a series that helps me help you. That way I can address frequently asked questions in a creative and interactive way, which may also be useful to others that have similar inquiries in the future.

Ask Claudia: Bamfing Around the World

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  1. Lovely appearance in your Q&A once again Claudia!! It's too bad that u didn't answer my question that I commented on your last Q&A vid. It's nice to hear more about yourself.

    1. Thank you Matthew. Yes, I wanted to give others a feature as well. :)
      To be honest, I've been trying to meditate more recently.
      <3 Claudia

    2. That's cool, I meditate a lot. What kinda meditation r u trying to do?

    3. Oh awesome. Nothing specific. Just about 10 minutes twice a day sitting and turning off my thoughts. How about you?

  2. well done claudia. thanks for sharing.
    my take on the web industry is an inadverted yet reactionary response to what the experiance has lead me to believe
    which basicaly goes something like this:
    companies/clients love it when you can solve their issues of poor resourse management, allocation and over all set up. and they love it when you can deliver. the reason why they need me/contractors in the first place is because they did a crappy job of trying to resolve the issue internaly, so they need extra man power (more hands on deck so to speak) to tackle the project or issue they are trying to deliver on.
    this can usualy mean ruffling some feathers untill you can get some answers/leads on building out a work flow. often its been my experiance that us/we/contractors are left with out a paddle in smaller agencies because the technical desisions or implimentation seem to have been made by some one who no longer works there and/or there is no documentation/information to look to as a guide, so alot of tinkering and investiation has to go on, which can be a little off putting but ya it usualy always pays off.
    my favorite pet peves include: working with designers or UX folks who dont know a thing about the technical restraints of the system, so they usualy ask for use a metaphor 'a wedding cake' of layerd elegance and exentricities, but whats actualy required is just a plain-jane-spounge cake huahua so ya if it works no complaints, the bells and whistles are always something to tack on once the main issues are resolved but i find those who are more intrested in the astetics of a project i'm working on seem to over prioritise those features first.
    *breath/sigh* on the upside contract projects are always exiting/differnt


    p.s. its xxpseudoxx (my terrible spelling/punctuation probably gave me away) :ahoy: lol

    1. You're welcome hun. :)
      Heehee, isn't that the truth! You could use a vacation from the way it sounds.



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