Monday, June 24

Strawberries Are the Perfect Summer Treat

They're so delicious, and I ate this right after I took the photo!

 6 pints of freshly-picked strawberries from the farmer's market.

It's the beginning of summer and strawberries are at their best. These little plants are packed with so much awesome that nothing compares. I get six pints of organic berries freshly-picked from Rodriguez Farms every week. Now that's a lot of fruit! So what do I do with all of them?

Well, I eat them raw or I blend them. That's it. I don't make desserts, can, or cook them because that would diminish the nutrients. It's also great to eat the green tops with them for a little extra fiber and protein. That way the sugar isn't as overwhelming and there's a bit more balance.

What's special about going to get your berries from a farm instead of the grocery store is that they're so fresh, and are usually only picked a day or two before selling. That means that they're never white or orange and are brimming with flavor. One can tell because they're the deepest dark red, sometime bordering on purple. That's when they're the best and the most delicious.

Berries, of all kinds, are extremely susceptible to pesticides because of how soft they are, so the chemicals soak right through them. That's why I only recommend organic because of this. Second to that, they're much cheaper at the farmer's market. I'm getting these boxes all for $13 - $16 throughout the season, and the farmers sometimes give me bargains because I'm a returning customer.

The other thing that's so awesome about getting your berries straight from a farm is that the farmers will take back the pint-sized containers for reuse. This is huge for me, and that's great that they can be washed and reused again. Less plastic is always a very good thing.

So last but not least, here's 10 awesome reasons to eat more strawberries this season.

1. Strawberries boost the immune system because of the vitamin C.
2. Strawberries are sodium and fat free.
3. Strawberry seeds have potassium in them.
4. The antioxidants in strawberries help with inflammation.
5. Strawberries are packed with fiber.
6. The vitamin C in strawberries also helps keep skin young.
7. Strawberries help lower cholesterol.
8. Strawberries are low in calories.
9. Strawberries fight tooth decay because they're a source of polyphenols.
 10. Strawberries protect against cancer.


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