Monday, May 20

How to Keep a Raw Food Diet at Work

 My lunch full of organic goodness!

I was surprised by how easy it is to stay raw at work. Packing a lunch to bring in each day is not only going to save one a ton of money, but it also encourages one to make good choices. It's super easy and fast to prepare produce. Just wash it and go! It literally takes five minutes, if that, to make this in the mornings. One can't go wrong with fresh local fruits and veggies from the market. Also, I find that it's easy and energizing to bring a huge jar of organic applesauce as well for whenever I need more fuel (even though it's not raw). Microsoft is awesome because they compost and recycle properly, so it's great to dispose of food waste and glass in the right way. If they didn't I would bring my scraps and glass home instead of throwing them in the trash, because that's not cool. So for the most part, it's a great way to be zero waste at the office as well. One can always replace the applesauce with more fresh fruit for a completely raw and sustainable option.

Also, it's great to add some seaweed and raw soaked seeds occasionally as well if you're feeling super hungry. It's convenient to bring little goodies in a small glass spice jar because it's perfect when traveling. The produce that I pack is very resilient too, and doesn't get squashed easily. I blend most of my delicate greens and such in the mornings for breakfast so that I get a nice variety of plants throughout the day.

So just make sure to get enough. This amount pictured above is perfect for me. When in doubt, pack more fruit because that will provide more quality calories and carbs throughout the day. Eating this way is also inspiring to others. I've already noticed how curious my colleagues are, and have started asking for health advice. That's so neat to be a good role model. It's all in good fun too, and I've notice a lot more salads being ordered than before. Definitely hurray for that!

Cheers, and here's to a good day on the job.
♡ Claudia

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