Tuesday, May 28

Eco Oral Hygiene: Eco-DenT Vegan Dental Floss

Eco-DenT Vegan Cinnamon Dental Floss - $5.99

Recently I decided to switch over to an eco-friendly floss, and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner because I absolutely love it. Maybe it was the price though, because it's a bit costly. There's a good reason for that though. For one, the floss is flavored with real essential oils which is more expensive than synthetic chemicals. The warm decadent blend of cinnamon, orange, lemon, fennel, and rosemary is just wonderful and reminds me a bit of nutmeg. It also glides nicely and is coated with plant-based waxes.

The second reason it's a bit pricier than the average floss is because there's 100 yards in the box. Which is brilliant, because buying in bulk cuts down on a lot of waste. It's equivalent to three and a half 30 yard boxes or two 50 yard boxes. So then one doesn't have to go to the store as much as well.

Speaking of packaging waste, another amazing thing about this product is that the box is made out of paper instead of plastic and isn't packaged in a second ridiculous outer plastic container. The floss itself isn't perfect though. With a little research I found that it's made out of nylon (which is plastic) so that's still not safe for our bodies, but I haven't had any luck finding anything better. Also, the floss is encased in a small plastic bag to preserve flavor and freshness. It was a little bit deceiving because I thought that I was buying a container that was completely plastic free. The pros still outweigh the cons, and overall I'm relatively happy with the purchase. At least it's a step in the right direct.

Do you use eco-friendly dental floss? Perhaps you've found
an ideal brand. If so, what do you recommend?

♡ Claudia