Wednesday, April 24

Wearing Makeup Everyday Sucks

One thing that I've come to realize my first week of full time work is that wearing makeup everyday is just awful for the skin. In a week I've watched my skin and lips get extremely dry because of my new self-induced daily habit. I was shocked by this, because it's been so long that I've worn makeup everyday, and I had forgotten how much it affects the skin.

Most of my products are full of chemicals and it's apparent to me now how much they strip the skin, block pores, and chap lips. That, and the fact that it all has to be cleaned off at the end of the day leaving the skin looking dull and lusterless. It's better looking to go natural some days so that the skin can heal and breathe.

So I'm going to keep it to a minimum now, because it's just not worth it. Makeup's a fun artistic way to express oneself, but at what cost? Until I can replace more of my products with great natural organic options, like 100% Pure, I'm just going to save most of it for a special occasion.

Besides, it feels so good to be confident and love the natural you as well.
♡ Claudia