Tuesday, April 23

Vibram FiveFingers Rock My World!

I love my neon Vibram Spyridons

Talk about minimalism for shoes. I've been really wanting a pair of these ever since I first read about how great they were in Tim Ferriss' The 4-Hour Body, and learned how terrible shoes are. Not just high heels and flat sandals with hard insoles, but how bad most shoes are.

Read Tim's article here for more on Vibrams and foot health:

I'm loving these so far, and it's not taking me too long to adjust either. It's important to take it slow the first few weeks, because one has to learn how to walk properly and the phalanges most likely need to be realigned with the metatarsals. Also, the muscles and ligaments are weakened over decades of wearing traditional shoes, so it will feel kind of like being sore after a good workout. It's not the shoes though, it's the fact that the legs and feet are being properly strengthen again. Even I noticed some soreness in my lower legs and right calcaneus. Which I was surprised by because it's been two years now since I've been more cautious about not wearing socks and shoes as often, staying barefoot whenever I can.

I specifically picked out the Spyridon's because they have a thick sole, a nice cushioned heel, and are great for hard rocky terrain. I've read that some people were having issues with the thinner-soled versions on pavement and stone. So these seem to be perfect and I haven't had problems with blisters or anything like that. They're extremely comfortable and super flexible.

On another positive note, I did notice one of the toes that I broke last year that was giving me problems is not anymore. It's like it popped back into place the first time I wore these. It was incredible, and the stiffness is gone! I'm so happy that it's finally all better, and I wasn't expecting that to happen at all.

Lastly, it's neat that these shoes are partially made of coconut fibers which helps make them breathable. Unfortunately, I was told though by the store clerk that these will only last about two years, give or take. That made me a bit sad, because I love to keep my things for a long time. I hope that I can get a little more life out of them if I care for them well.

So if you do a ton of walking, want to heal your feet, or are trying to protect your
children or loved ones from the same fate, these shoes are definitely worth it.

Love Claudia xx