Monday, April 29

The Benefits of Raw Local Honey and Bee Pollen

 Lovely raw honey and bee pollen from my local farmer's market.

Ah! The simple things in life are always the best, and beautiful raw local honey and bee pollen are definitely amongst them. First off, honey is a simple sugar which means that the body can digest it better and it contains more nutrients than a sugar that has been overly processed. This completely contrasts something like everyday white cane sugar that's so processed that the body doesn't know how to handle it properly. It turns straight into fat, damages the skin, and causes serious inflammation. It's also highly addictive. Any white overly-processed food is a drug. This includes white cocaine processed from the coca plant, white sugar processed from sugar cane, and white flour processed from wheat.

Now most people would be very concerned about a cocaine addiction, but what about the others? It's pretty rare that you hear that someone is concerned about the sugar that they put on their cereal, or the cereal itself for that matter. Honey on the other hand is amazing. Perfectly made by little bees, this miracle sweetener is the way to go. Definitely replace all of your other sweeteners with it because it's unprocessed if it's raw, and full of enzymes, minerals, and proteins as well.

One should just be aware that, like with all sweeteners, it will raise your  blood glucose levels. All sugar does, so use it in moderation. Also, it's extremely important that it's raw, uncooked local honey. If the honey is processed, then what's the point? It needs to be the way nature intended it to be. That, and supporting local farmers that care for the bees and environment properly is so important. Everything is linked; when we do good for our bodies we most likely are making good sustainable choices all round.  

Then we have our fantastic bee pollen, which is just as amazing. Bee pollen, or also known as bee bread, is a mixture of pollen, honey, and nectar that a worker bee has collected. It's extremely good for the body, and is one of the best high protein foods. It also has lots of vitamins, enzymes, healthy fats, minerals, and amino acids. Which is really awesome because bee products in general have been known for loads of good things like prolonging lifespan, increasing energy, being good for the brain, and healing the body. 

Be warned about bee pollen though, because if you're allergic to bee stings then you cannot take it. People can also have allergic reactions to it because of the pollen, especially if one already has seasonal allergies. One has to heal first and strengthen the immune system before it can be taken. If you want to try it then do a test first by placing one granule under your tongue and see if you have a reaction. If you're good, then try three, then five, and eventually work your way up to a teaspoon. I personally don't have any problems with it. It tastes great, kinda like bland graham crackers, and I eat a teaspoon of it plain daily or put it in my smoothies in the mornings. 

Thank you bees!

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